Top 10 Most Popular Professions of 2018

Choosing the future profession is the question of major concern for any person. You will hardly find an undergraduate who doesn’t want to bring home good money.

Every colleger dreams of a good job in a prosperous company and a high salary. Nevertheless, not all professions are high-salaried.

For that reason, if your key objective is to pick up gainful employment, we recommend you to glance over our list of top 10 high-salaried and the most popular professions of this year.

Mayhap, this information will help you arrive at a correct decision and find the job you dream of!

Before you start your search, make sure you build a great resume and update it with the most relevant information before applying.

10 Most Popular Professions

Top 10 most Popular Professions of 2018

1. Product Manager

To get involved in this industry, it is enough to have a college degree in computer science or business. In this scenario, your success hinges on your skills and ability to sell products. The average annual salary is around $113 000. If sales are your cup of tea, then why not to try your hand at this area?

2. Essay Writer

At a glance, it sounds queerly but in these latter days, the area of custom writing services is extremely popular. Their key purpose is to help students do different assignments. For instance, ordering cheap essays online from, academicians will get top-quality papers at affordable prices. If you have excellent writing skills and you adore this area then why not to cash in them?

3. iOS Software Developer

iOS-based devices are in a great request today. For that reason, good iOS software developers are always needed. If you are a tech-savvy user and wish to develop this skill, you shouldn’t lose this opportunity! Considering the fact that this profession is high-salaried and popular, it is still hard to find a reliable and good specialist. You have the chances to become one of them!

4. Strategy Manager

Commonly, prosperous and big corporations need good strategy managers. Their overarching objective is to develop the plans for the future development of a company. To be engaged in this area, you need to have a degree related to the chosen industry.

5. Dental Surgeon

You need to have a medical degree in order to work as a dentist. Yet still, this occupation is one of the most high-salaried ones. If you wish to be a good doctor and have a number of satisfied customers, you need to work a lot!

6. General Practice Physician

The annual salary of an experienced general practice physician is $190, 000. The state of health of patients doesn’t matter because the demand for their services is rapidly growing. Your salary depends on the number of patients you accepted per day.

7. Air Traffic Controller

This job is stressful and requires certain skills in this area. In current times, lots of processes are automated due to the rapid development of modern technologies. Nevertheless, good specialists are always in great request. The average salary of an air traffic controller is more than $120,000 per year.

8. HR Manager

The ability to choose the staff is always needed! To be engaged in this area, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in human resources. Besides, you should be a reputable psychologist and be a good judge of character. Nevertheless, big enterprises always need experienced HR managers and are even ready to pay well!

9. Marketing Manager

The overarching goal of this specialist is to develop marketing plans for different businesses. You should develop the advertisement programs and create a social media program. The annual average salary is more than $85, 000! This job requires creativity and the ability to think outside the box. If you consider yourself to be a creative person, then you should definitely try!

10. Pharmacist

Unfortunately, people suffer from various diseases on an ongoing basis. Thus, you will never stay unemployed. The annual average salary is more than $120, 000 but you should study a lot and have a definite certificate, allowing you to work in this area.

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