The Best Affiliate Niches for Beginners in 2019: Lucky Start

When looking through the list of affiliate programs’ offers, you may feel like the business world is your oyster.

There is a plethora of such programs in various niches because most contemporary entities and companies appreciate the benefits of affiliate programs, and the main benefit is that they get the percentage of the revenue generated from every partner.

However, what are their partners’ benefits? Here you will find the answer and a list of the best affiliate niches for beginners.

Best Affiliate Niches Beginners

Let’s Start with the ABCs

What is an affiliate program? Let’s imagine a website on the internet and a webmaster at his computer. The webmaster places Company A’s ad on his site that links to Company A’s web shop or LP.

A prospective buyer (aka, a lead) visits the webmaster’s site and is automatically redirected to Company A’s site. If the lead converts into a paying customer and makes a purchase, the webmaster gets the certain percent of the purchase.

Every affiliate program offers its own benefits and percentages, as well as terms and conditions. Most of them are free to join, but some charge a registration fee or initial payment.

There are also two forms of payouts: pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale. In other words, the webmaster gets the commission for either every redirection or every real purchase.

The Most Profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketing Beginners


People never settled down—that’s why they are always in motion. The boundaries between states are becoming more transparent, and tourists crave new and diverse experiences and destinations.

Travel is one of the best niches for beginners. However, travel isn’t the most profitable. In the travel niche, commissions are very low commissions (1-5% per lead), but there is huge demand and relatively little competition. Therefore, you can find a way to earn an income in this niche without high investments or much effort.

We highly recommended earning an income in the travel nice via the CPA model in which you will be paid for sold tickets, hotel reservations, and so on.

You can earn with simple tools such as affiliate links or banners, or build your own flight engine and sell tickets as an online agency. In the Travelpayouts affiliate network, you will find all the necessary tools.


The service sector prevails in all developed countries. All of us need numerous services to be a functional member of society.


This niche deals not only with the official institutions but also education centers, training courses, educational programs, tele-education, and so on The education business is currently at a record high.

Nutritional Supplements and Pharmaceuticals

Conventional medical services are not able to satisfy customers’ requirements completely, so many sites offer nutritional supplements and other pills.

How to Choose a Niche

To have a good income from the most profitable niches for beginners in affiliate marketing, you must decide what you would like to be involved in: lists, blogs, reviews, or niche content.

If you don’t like the idea of creating a website, you could write recommendations on social media or use mobile apps.

How do you choose the right affiliate program?

First, choose the target audience that is best for you. Second, pay attention to the amount and the terms of payouts.

Certainly, the more often you are paid, the better. However, most affiliate programs pay as once a week, twice a week, or once a month. Third, make sure the program offers a full set of tools, analytics, and statistics. API-integration, templates, and tracking should be available.

Finally, ask for a personal manager to protect your interests, answer questions, and consult with you.

When looking through the best affiliate niches for beginners 2018, note that one of the main selection criteria is the possibility of starting without seed money, experience, or knowledge.

The programs through which even a rookie can earn are especially valuable. Such profitable affiliate programs are usually found in the travel or retail niches.

How Much You Get

Your income depends on your efforts. You can make a few extra dollars or a few thousand dollars a month. You must dedicate time to promoting your site and filling your LP or any other web resource with the content.

Many people consider the profitable affiliate program niches for beginners and their programs to be the sources of the passive income, but that is not so. You must work rather hard to generate traffic and content constantly.

The Best Affiliate Niches for Beginners


With the Travel payouts, you can open a travel agency, monetize your project or blog, and save money on your own travels as a bonus. The program offers a wide range of high-conversion marketing tools, responsive support services, free cases, and webinars.


Aliexpress’s affiliate program can help you make money by selling goods over the internet. You advertise its web shops’ products and get a part of a profit from the sales— 7% to 50% of each transaction. It also offers three rather flexible earning models.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is a marketing network on which you can find the program that fits you best of all. You can become a publisher or an advertiser. The company also provides you with medical, financial, and wellness coverage.

Wrapping Up

These affiliate program niches for beginners offer a unique chance to become successful without any investment. Choose the best niche for you, a credible program, and the appropriate model, and the rest depends on your desire and will.

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