Top 5 Best Dating Apps of 2019

Internet dating is undoubtedly one of the success stories of the modern age. In many ways matching sites are the perfect example of utilizing technology for social benefits.

With a wealth of these websites and their mobile app versions to choose from, covering every possible permutation of user aspiration, it’s no wonder the longer-established apps are now accessed by millions of people on a daily basis.

As more and more new dating apps are made available for smart devices, what are five of the best?

Best Dating Apps


Flirt enjoys the status of being a highly popular dating app, with users situated in many geographical locations.

One of its defining attributes is a clean interface; together with user-friendly navigation, this makes it an attractive proposition for anyone relatively new to Internet dating.

Soon after signing up to become a member, clients can interact with people in their neighborhood, or singles from any cross the globe.

Flirt’s search facility enables users to define parameters as precise as hair color, salary level, and whether or not the object of their actions has tattoos, or not! This allows them to specify exactly the type of person they’d like to connect with.


Because dating apps can often come across as homogenous or ‘samy,’ it is always gratifying to come across originality.

Cupids offers clients their own ‘wing man,’a character named Barney, who will company you as you search through the personal descriptions for a compatible partner.

This is far from the only innovation offered by this is dating resource, as you can also fire ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ when you like another site user. Cupid has also made a name for itself for embracing modern and striking site design, including bold color schemes and icons.

Although these aspects are sometimes seen as a distraction to older singles who consider signing up to its charms, Cupid still boasts impressive membership totals.


While a lot of apps are more focused on nurturing sincere and fulfilling relationships between the respective parties, the ethos of Tinder is to pander to a more immediate form of customer aspiration.

It is all about satisfying instant gratification amongst its clients, offering them the ability to decide on whom they wish to contact based on a comparison of the briefest of biographies and Facebook profile photos.

Users can either swipe right or left, depending on whether they like the look of the person who has just appeared in their screen, or not.  Always prone to accusations of superficiality, the stats reveal how popular Tinder is, inspiring over a billion daily swipes in either direction!


EliteSingles caters for the demands of the 30-55 age demographic, making its catchment audience older than the average app.

The main reason for this is EliteSingles is deliberately targetting college graduates or those with a ‘professional career’ as opposed to a job involving low skill levels.

EliteSingles is notably more expensive than many other dating outlets, but its clients are happy to pay a bit more for this niche service.


CoffeeMeetsBagel guarantees a limited amount of clients can interact from day to day, meaning searches are more tailored. For instance, male site users will receive a list of available females in their area.

Female clients receive a similar daily list, prioritized according to those who have expressed interest. The time will come when the subjects overlap, and this is when the parties involved can pair up, safe in the knowledge they’ve been matched according to mutual attraction.

CoffeeMeetsBagel is harnessing the possibilities of modern technology to ensure clients leading otherwise busy lifestyles can rest assured their love lives are also being streamlined.

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