15 Best Free Movie Apps For Android & iOS

Free Movie Apps are they really useful? Many say they do. So let’s get started by explaining the importance of these Free Movie Apps which helps stream Movies for free and list some of the best Free Movie Apps available to download out there for Android & iOS platforms.

The list what I’m going to provide right now in this article might be your one-time solution for streaming Movie for free.

Apart from paid Apps, many apps provide Free Movie Streaming without any hassle, but no one knew about them.People Nowadays are using Mobile devices that any other device, Most of the Google searches are from Mobile itself.

Android and iOS domination are all over the world so. Apparently, they enjoy entertainment on the go.


Free Movie Apps For Android/iOS to Download

Why these 15 are sorted as the best Movie Apps out there is because There servers are fast & reliable. There are many Apps that’ll do the trick and serve the purpose of streaming Movies, But that’s not what we’re here.

We are here to know the best and to use the best Movie Apps in 2016 and maybe in 2017. I’ll update this article frequently if any app is discontinued or updated with different URL.

Best Free Movie Apps

1) Showbox – Best App for Free Movies

The most popular App among the list is Showbox. Almost all the people think Showbox is the ultimate solution for streaming movies for free. But this post is not about Showbox itself, There are others such as Showbox. Some of them are better than this in some ways

For this instance let’s check what Showbox is special for. Despite being Most Popular Movie Apps Showbox uses Nonauthoritative and non-trusted servers to Stream Movies that’s it failed to show up in either Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Most of this list might be full of those Apps itself who failed to grab their position in both Platforms App Stores. Another Good News and which makes a huge pro for Showbox is it’s also available for PC too.

Windows users can now enjoy streaming high-quality Movies and TV series without any hassle using this.

  • Download Showbox by searching in Google because they tend to change their URL’s for the safety of blockage.
  • So sorry for not providing the download link. Present URL to download Showbox: http://showboxappdownload.com/

Supported Platforms : Windows / Android / iOS

2) Cinema Cloud

Cinema Cloud is for iDevices only. iPhone and iPad users can enjoy free Movie streaming even if you’re having low WiFi or Broadband speed. The App is optimized for larger screen sizes on iPhone 6/6S and their plus versions. Cinema Cloud provides 10 servers for every TV show episodes and Every Movie.

In case if any server slows down other might fill the gap, If I’ve, to be honest, I love Cinema Cloud. It has been one of my favorite Apps for Free Movie Streaming on the go.

Download the App for iOS – Cinema Cloud from iTunes

3) Cinema Box – Best Free Movie App

Let’s just say any App in this list of best Free Movie Apps if you find any App name with box, consider that as a sister app of Showbox. Apparently, Cinema box was developed by the same developers who developed Showbox, Don’t know why they developed two Apps of the same purpose.

Anyway, it’s good for us if one is blocked then we can go for the alternative like this without losing user experience of the app anymore. The great news is that Cinema Box is not only for Android but also for iOS and it supports Airplay and Chromecast mirroring.

So Apple users who possess a Mac or Apple TV can enjoy Home Theater on the big screen. Same goes for the Chromecast users too.

To get the magic work done, you’ve to Download Cinema Box from http://cinemaboxhd.com/ according to your Platform. All the instructions to Install the app are present in its website itself.

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4) Megabox

This latest iteration of Box family is still developing, and you can find only Android versions that support Chrome Cast Mirroring only. This Free Movies App claim that it can not only stream the Movies

but can download them as well. So, if you’re on to downloading stuff like TV series and movies the why not give this app a try.

Download Megabox for Android from http://megaboxhdapp.com/

5) Hotstar

The new sensation in Free Movie Streaming to provide entertainment is Hotstar and guess what, it managed to grab a position in the top 15 Free Movie Apps list.

Hotstar is more like Hulu and Netflix but what’s special about it is that it provides free content like Movies & TV series for free of cost. Free Movies and other content are monetized.

You can get ad-free content for about 1-month trail if you signup right now. The monthly fee for Hotstar subscription is very less that you won’t even notice that you’re paying.

Literally, guys 200.rs i.e., around 3$ is a killer deal and as I said you wouldn’t even notice that you’re spending. Limitations of Hotstar is it’s content is mostly Indian TV shows and Indian Movies, You can find Hollywood stuff but low in number.

Hotstart managed to grab huge market after announcing streaming of Popular shows like Game of Thrones. Hotstar has both iOS and Android versions, you can grab them directly by searching for both the stores

6) Flipps HD

Another one like cinema cloud and Hotstar is Flipps HD, I’ve used this one long back and I found that this app is quite annoying and eventually stopped using it.

It sure fits in this List of Free Movie Apps but it lacks collection, don’t know why the app has a certain collection belonging to one country or so. Flipps also has collective media channels like YouTube and other channels that provide viral videos, Music, Comedy, and Sports…

7) Crackle

One more is Crackle, once famous Free Movies App in olden days. it lets you stream free tv, movies & more and it’s easier user interface is pro feature. Browsing the movies via category basing is never hard and Crackle sure supports playback via Network to the bigger screens as well

It’s free to download from both Google Play and App Store but you won’t able download movies using this. Streaming is only possible and the app is limited to that.

It’s one of the best Movie App because of Customer Satisfaction most of the Crackle user never reported for any bug. There was no major issue in this app since it’s inception into Internet Market of Entertainment

Download Crackle from Play Store & App Store

8) Viewster

Many Popular Free Movie Apps lacks browsing movies by sorting them according to their genre. Viewster here sure filled that gap long back and became the Most popular Movie Streaming App in Many countries.

I’ve haven’t tried this app before because I’m not genre person… I search my Movies and TV series and watch them. Language Filter is a nice addition and this feature is bang on for people of non-native English countries.

If I remember correctly They also have a streaming available directly from their website. Which is kinda cool where some apps are restricted to App Version only.

Viewster has a clone of IMDB hidden in it and in addition to that it’s free. We can browse cast from movies with their bio and other projects from the App itself.

Download for Android : Viewster on Playstore

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9) Tubi TV

This is shrink fit version of it’s Desktop website into a Mobile App. But some important modifications done to it’s mobile app separates this apart

Genres can be sorted out accordingly and Movies description and review info is the very good addition. Identification of Movie has been nullified in this app by providing Huge Movie Covers.

What makes this app be one of the Best Free Movie Apps out there in the market is it’s cross platform nature. Tubi Tv is available for iDevices like iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV, iPad and Android Devices.

Not only those it is also available for Streaming and Gaming Devices like Roku & Amazon Fire TV, Xbox etc.,

10) Bobby Movie Box – Best Movie Apps alternative on iOS

Bobby Movie Box is an alternative to Movie Box Free Movies App, which is above listed as one of the Top Free Movies app. This is made to be a replica for Movie Box

The content present in this one is very good and it’s only available for iOS 🙁 . This Top Free movie Apps was once part of Official Apple App store repository but eventually it was removed from the repo.

There are some good tutorials on the Huge Hub of Internet to get this App installed right onto your iDevices and enjoy the Freedom of Unlimited Streaming . So if you’re planning to Install Bobby Movie Box better try to google- ing it.

11) Yidio

Yidio has a feature difference than the others, it lets you hide already watched movies in the App. The Drawback of Yidio is it doesn’t have most of the movie collection.

Another huge problem with this is it lets you redirect to other App downloading Landing pages after you request a movie that’s not in Yidio. Looks something fishy for more, they might be some incentive based Affiliate links.

This App failed to maintain pace with the competition and lacked developed which resulted in a less availability status for future devices. You can download Yidio for both Android and iOS

12) Hubi

Offlining movies are the best part of Hubi and I thought why not include such good featured app in Best Free Movie Apps list. No charges for Movie Streaming and Downloading, Downloads are fast too.

Hosting servers present in Hubi are great in number with hell lot of performance in them. Servers are reliable, secure and fast and come in Free and Paid App variants.

Free App is generally filled with Ads which can be removed by upgrading to Paid version of Hubi. Sorry for Apple users you won’t be getting Hubi anytime sooner. Currently, Hubi is available in Google Playstore

To Download Hubi Please search in Google Play Store if your country is supported then you’ll find the App for download. In India it’s support has been ended.

13) Kodi – Ultimate Free Movie App

Kodi one of the most famous and considerably best Entertainment Software is worth mentioning in any entertainment category. What’s special about Kodi is it’s Open Source, free, Huge Developer base , frequent updates and has many uses.

Apart from Free Movies, it can stream Live TV, TV shows, Videos, Music, YouTube and what not. Kodi is one of the complicated apps to get it setup

But once you did with the Setup you won’t be depending on any app alternative. Kodi is there for Android, Windows, iOS, Linux and even Chrome OS

Downloading Kodi is easy via PlayStore but Installing their add-ons and plugin to set up home entertainment are somewhat tough. You have to perform some research while sticking to Kodi

Download & Tutorials : https://kodi.tv/

14) Popcornflix

one of the legacy apps in the list is Popcornflix, Long ago it used to rock the entertainment world apparently, not now. Collection has been very less in the app and people started to bail out using this.

Featured movies listing is quite outdated and not to mention the movies list in Popcornflix sucks in anyways. One thing Popcornflix did right is to add a feature to list favorite movies by signing into it. So Popcornflix deserves a chance to enter into list of 15 best Free Movie Apps.

15) Big Star Movies

As the list goes on the Best Free Movie Apps sort from top to bottom, This might be the last best App in the list. Then why include this in the list? coz Big Star Movies managed to get 1 million Installations which grabbed my attention

I thought of including this app just in case if any people who like to stream only documentaries Big Star Movies is the right place. Not every video is free in the app

Some of them are and Premium plan is gonna cost you around 4.99$ / Month. Nah! kinda sucks right What do you think of the list, leave the comment below.

Why not Torrents?

Movie Apps

First of all downloading torrents is illegal and torrents can harm your PC/Android/iOS. Many people find download Torrents very difficult, So that’s why I’m writing this article on Movie apps.

There won’t be any ambiguity if you have a dedicated App to watch/Stream your Favorite Movie/TV series on the go. Many of the apps above listed are free to download and has many features

like sorting according to genres, actors, date and most popular ratings and all. So it’s better to stop torrenting and move on to the alternative ways which are best to protect yourselves.

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Try these Free Movie Apps and let me which is your favorite in the comments section below.

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