Best SEO Plugins/Tools for WordPress

WordPress is the starting point for most people who are building a website. As the most popular platform available, WordPress is home to small business owners, bloggers and more.

What everyone that uses WordPress has in common is that they need people to visit their sites.

Regardless of intent, SEO is a great way to provoke traffic organically.

Best SEO Plugins Tools

Yoast WordPress SEO

As the most popular, and most downloaded plugin for anything related to SEO, this plugin stands apart from the competition.

Similar to WordPress it focuses on simplicity through design.

You can watch as you’re adding content to a new page or post whether the SEO words you’ve chosen are doing well.

Simple green, yellow, and red lights let you see how optimized the content and page are.

The best part about Yoast WordPress SEO is that it provides instruction for correction.

It’s common to see recommendations referring not only to the text and headers but also the meta-title, slug, and photo descriptions.

Google Keyword Planner

From Google AdWords, website owners finally get a useful tool to help navigate and plan SEO.

Top SEO consultants reference Google Keyword Planner often, citing that keyword information from the source is invaluable.

As a free tool, Google allows website owners, managers or even advertisers the ability to choose the right trigger words.

You can fee volume, how many results, as well as the difficulty it would take for Google to populate your page in response to a search with the chosen keyword.


Supposedly a supercharge to your whole site, this plugin will help you tailor your content for first-page search results.

But, there’s a lot of debate on how well this plugin can meet these claims.

Google is well-known for changing their algorithms that affect how SEO works.

So, an SEO “booster” that promises to get you on the first page every time doesn’t seem quite reasonable.

But, ridiculous claims aside, this plugin is a valuable tool for any WordPress user.

The dashboard that comes with this app is a great way to identify clear SEO issues.

You might get alerts that call attention to image sizes, metadata, and links in addition to the content.

It even includes information on how well you rank in

Premium SEO Pack

The Premium SEO WordPress Pack takes SEO past the page at a time viewpoint.

Instead, this tool can help you set patterns out across multiple posts and customize on-page SEO easily.

There are other useful tools such as the backlink builder, and page speed insights as well.

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