Bluestacks Rooted – Pre-Rooted Offline Installer Updated 2018

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In this article, You’ll get to download Bluestacks Rooted – A Pre-Rooted version of Bluestacks 2 Latest Version. The Installer found here has been updated to version 2 and rooted with an updated exploit.

The Bluestacks Rooted offline installer comes pre-bundled in a single executable file in a tablet version that fits every PC’s display. Most of the guides available on the internet are getting people root their Bluestacks

But, some people are reporting like they’re having Play Store issues and what not. So I’ve decided to provide this dedicated solution 2-step solution which lets you Install Bluestacks that is rooted out of the box.

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Previously, I’ve posted a tutorial on How to Root Bluestacks 2 Latest Version using BS Helper or Kingroot in this blog. This is the simplest procedure to root Bluestacks

But unfortunately, some are unable to get the tutorial executed due to some unexcepted errors they were facing while rooting their BlueStacks. Not using Latest Version or Some other PC problem they were having might be the case. Anyways, let’s move on to the tutorial.

Bluestacks Rooted

Download Bluestacks Rooted Offline Installer

Bluestacks one of the popular native software for macOS and Windows that gained traction over the years. There are some good alternatives to it but it remained in business tackling them.

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  • First of all, You need to download the Rooted version of the Bluestacks from here
  • Once the download is completed. The Installation is quite similar to the regular Bluestacks.
  • Open the Bluestacks Rooted Setup File and then you need to select ” Next “. After that select a directory for Bluestacks Data and then finally click finish.
  • After the installation, It’s time to verify whether the installed one is pre-rooted or not?
  • To do so, open freshly installed Bluestacks click on the search icon on the top left corner and search for ” Play Store ” and then in PlayStore you need to download an app called ” Root Check
  • Open the Root Check app is installed. Open the app to confirm the root status. As you can see from the Root Check Status that the current Bluestacks is rooted by default.

If you’re feeling difficult to follow the written instructions, I’ve made a video tutorial explaining the same. Hope this gives extra control over the installation for you.

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if you face any incompatible issues, then do check out the Rooted Bluestacks Offline Installation Minimum System Requirements are matched or not?

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System Requirements to Install Rooted Bluestacks

  • Operating System – Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 – Obviously Windows 10 is recommended because of support we’re getting from past 1 year.
  • Ram – Minimum of 2GB (Recommended) for Windows OS 7 and lower versions. 4 – 8 Gigs is somewhat sweet spot to manage Windows and Rooted Bluestacks on top of it.
  • Hard Disk – I won’t actually state a value for this. But maintain at least 20 gigs to manage both Windows and the Android Apps
  • Processor – P4, I3 or Higher.
  • GPU – Consider this a must to be hardware for the Rooted Bluestacks. Without a dedicated Graphics Card to compensate the graphics thrown by the Bluestacks you won’t be able to enjoy a smoother performance.

Concentrate on the last point for good understanding of what actually matters for such emulators to power all those other platform apps on top of Windows.

Bluestacks Offline Installer For Windows PC

When I say Offline Installer, it means 2-step installation, and that’s it. No Tweaker, No gimmicks to be done, Nothing. Just download the file and install.

It’s that simple, and you get to enjoy everything that a regular Bluestacks does when it’s rooted. Later you can eventually push your machine up to its limits.

Let me know if you face any further issues while installing this pre-rooter Bluestacks Rooted Offline Installer in the comments section below. Hope this tutorial helped you. If it does please, don’t forget to share this tutorial on Social Media coz Sharing is SEXY!!!

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