How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

There are several YouTube to MP3 converter out there in the Internet, but is different and special. Today in this article I’m going to review ytmp3 – An online YouTube Videos to Mp3 Converter

Most important thing that sets aside from other converters is its simplicity. Let’s check some of the points in my perspective.

Use YouTube videos to the fullest! Watch and convert them easily and intuitively

YouTube is improving your memory and thoughts without you even noticing. But how can that be? Simple. It is a platform that can help you to be in two places at once and go beyond the confines of physical space and time.

If you think about it, by watching a video on YouTube, you can instantly travel the globe, stay in touch with your family and friends, and learn intriguing things about ancient civilizations, all in one afternoon.

Your mind on YouTube

Your mind is constantly stimulated by all the substance it receives from all the information it comes into contact with on the Internet. Compared to the past, we can clearly see that the human mind has become more adaptable, smarter and faster. This is all thanks to the huge volume of knowledge available to us just about instantly.

Inspiring brilliant minds to come up with amazing and innovative ideas is something the Internet does best. Take the concept of a video to mp3 converter, for example. Even though it’s such a basic concept and it seems like a simple tool, the work and inspiration behind it are, at the very least, thought-provoking.

If you think about it, small ideas are causes for amazing creations and interesting solutions to problems people never even knew they had.

The tool to enhance the YouTube

Using YouTube is the simplest thing in the world, but, did you know that using a YouTube to audio converter is an even easier task? This is because it gives you the chance to modify the files you find on YouTube into mp3 files. Thus, bringing you a ton more options for enjoying the available files not only online but also free of internet connectivity, at any time of your choice.

The 5 super-easy steps mp3 converting has in store

If you want to use a YouTube mp3 converter, you are in for a real treat. It is not only the most intuitive process around, it’s also free of charge. So feel free to keep coming back again and again, when you get bored of your existing music collection.

You will soon find out how amazingly simple it is to convert a file from YouTube to mp3. But first, why don’t you go on and open that really cool music video that has been stuck in your head since Tuesday and let’s convert it!

1. Select and copy the link of the video, from the address bar of your browser

copy url
2. Go to Here, you will see a search box, eagerly waiting for you on the homepage
3. Insert the link you copied in step 1 by pasting it in the search box

URL input
4. Press the Convert to MP3 button
5. When the transformation process is complete, simply press the Download button.

mp3 download

Congrats! You are now free to repeat the same process as many times as you want until you get all the songs your heart desires.

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What else can you get out of it?

There’s no need to limit yourself to music videos. YouTube features so many interesting types of content you can download by using a converter.

Audiobooks are amazing time-saving devices. By using a converter, you can listen to them anywhere too, and voila! The once confiding limits imposed by reading a paper book are suddenly a thing of the past.

Workouts can be done at home, alone, but this way, you are more likely to give up because there’s no one pushing you to work harder. Get your own personal trainer by downloading the audio of your favorite YouTube workout and playing it while you’re exercising. Your workouts will feel more amazing and less lonely.

Jokes can instantly uplift your mood when you’re feeling down, and there are countless hilarious comedians on YouTube. Let them entertain you. Find the funniest videos, convert them to mp3, and enjoy while you are washing dishes, waiting for the bus, or cooking. Speaking of food…

Cooking can be hard sometimes. You have to follow a lot of written instructions or learn them by heart. But what if you could listen to them instead? Try out playing an audio file with all the instructions next time you’re in the kitchen and you may be surprised by the results.

A kid-distracting device is what parents dream of when their children demand too much attention. Now, with the wonders of technology, you can put on a story and have them focus on that. There’s no shortage of attention-grabbing fairy-tales and fun content meant for children on the user-friendly platform, so enjoy getting some work done in peace.

The best file type for YouTube music

Mp3 is the most popular file format for storing and enjoying music or any audio file of choice. This kind of file is compressed, so its size is extremely small, making it perfect for designing extensive playlists and collections for the best personalized music experience ever.

Its appeal comes from the fact that it is a very high-quality file as well. The way the conversion process works is meant to make the file smaller by eliminating only that data which the human ear cannot perceive anyway. After the modification, the quality is still great, but the size has just been reduced to much more humble dimensions.

Additionally, I use MP3 Converter by Cometdocs to convert my Downloaded or Home Videos on my iPhone to MP3. I prefer this App as my preferable solution for my MP3 conversion tasks. They support all formats of Videos and Audios and converts them to MP3.

The beautiful feature of this App is that the conversion happens on the App’s servers instead of your Device. Believe me guys, Audio and Video Conversion are one of the few tasks that put lots of pressure on your CPU and RAM Department. This causes a serious drain on your battery. So offshore conversion is a pretty neat feature.

The App supports iOS Share and along with that it supports Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and other File Sharing Sites, The app is available for both Android and iOS. Download: Android, iOS

Rock on!

With so much entertainment at our disposal nowadays, YouTube users are sure to continue having a great time finding the best and most delightful internet content to suit their individual preferences and entertainment needs. It only gets better from here on, so enjoy!

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