Coupon Sites Growth with the Rise of E-Commerce

For Every Action, There’s an equal and Opposite Reaction, right? This applies for Coupon sites too. What makes Coupon Sites Growth so phenomenal?

Is the rise of E-Commerce Sites. Based on the survey report of The Economic Times, around 78% of the online shoppers between the year 2015 to 2016 had used coupons

Most of the purchases they make on popular e-commerce sites like Jabong, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Amazon use coupons and deals to lower their payments.

Coupon Sites Growth

Most of the people find e-commerce stores to be comfortable as they can avail sufficient discounts and cashback benefits. This can be done by applying their coupon codes while going through a transaction process in a relevant site.

Furthermore, online coupon stores are very much easy to use, comfortable in browsing, and certainly, something that adorns online shopping experience.

When coupon users register themselves with their favorite coupon store, they would get updates about latest offers and cashback benefits in their email, and use it later.

Some of the popular coupon stores are Grabon, Couponchaska, Coupondunia, Couponraja, Refund Kart and much more.

Reason #1

People love deals and offers. In India, most of the people are looking forward to buying a quality product at lower price.

when the coupons became popular, they rushed in huge numbers and started applying coupons such as Myntra coupons and others available from various E-commerce stores.

This is one of the reasons for Coupon Sites Growth in India. Which is achieved by enhancing the online traffic and conversion rates in all the popular e-commerce portals and thereon helping them in making huge amounts of revenue.

One of the most popular promo code is the Snapdeal promo code as whenever it is applied it fetches enormous discounts and cashback benefits.

Since people are deliberately attracted to coupon codes, most of the e-commerce sites ran affiliate programs where online coupon stores could work with them.

To collect coupons the visitors are attracted these Coupon sites in order to avail the discount promised for that particular coupon.

Reason #2

E-commerce business involves a huge investment in advertising and promotion, without that consider their business is doomed.

Evidently, online coupon stores could help an e-commerce site in minimizing their investment in advertising as they do the same from their side. Which in turn help them in gaining loads of customers.

Which in turn help them in gaining loads of customers. This allows an e-commerce site on focusing other vital purposes of business for progressive development and growth of their business.

Some of the Coupon sites and stores do the basic ranking stuff which involves SEO, Digital Marketing and other things to engage the online audiences.

Major Platforms like Flipkart and Amazon takes advantage of this and focus on their other vital businesses and support.

Reson #3

Online coupon stores also contribute towards magnifying brand recognition. They promote and advertise on behalf of an e-commerce site.

They promote their products or services, ensure maximum exposure to online traffic, highlight the benefits of the products & services, and most exclusively flourish a brand’s name through spontaneous content and infographic overflow.

This consequently makes a brand popular and appears authentic & reliable among online shoppers. Indian are a big fan of recognized brands and often gets suspicious while encountering a new one.

But these online coupon stores leverage their resources to make the best conversion rate which further bolsters their development.

Wrapping up

Both the e-commerce portals and online coupon stores are expected to develop more in approaching years and work systematically to ensure inclusive growth and collective progress.

A coupon user could also download extension of his or her favorite online coupon store, if available, and when it is downloaded then one does not have to look for the coupon store once again as whenever a popular e-commerce site is visited then the coupons available currently would appear.

The cooperation between online coupon store and e-commerce sites is also expected to improve and their growth as a whole would benefit online shoppers and also the bolster the Indian economy.

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  1. Yup, it is in fact a truth. More or less, many a users have this misconception in their minds that ecommerce is just online shopping and associate the coupon industry with the same. It is bigger than that. One of the factors for the coupon site’s growth is tapping all the domains of ecommerce including online shopping sites.
    Nice Post, 🙂
    Thanks & Regards,
    Shekhar Kumar

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