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These days everything in our locality like the materialistic items falls down into deals and discounts. Where ever we go we find banners put up on stores which say deals and discounts with 50 % or 60% offer on these products. So, What are deals?

Deals are an arrangement of buying and selling in the business where they give you the products you want at a lower price than the usual one. If we have to put in the “sales” terms. Deals cover the following points:

  • These are opportunities which create a business for an organisation.
  • According to the sales industry, the synonyms for deals are opportunities and potentials.
  • These move along a sales pipeline until they are won or lost.
  • The salesperson can determine the sales revenue with the help of deals.

So, here we have used two new terminologies like sales revenue and sales pipeline. So, what do they mean?

Deals Explained
  • Sales Revenue: This signifies the amount of money made from the business of selling those goods or products. This will decide the size of your business. There are two demarcations to this:
    • Gross sales revenue: Includes all bills and receipts of the sales of those goods
    • Net sales revenue: (Sales revenue – Gross sales revenue )
  • Sales pipeline: This defines the stages through which sales move. There are four different types of stages 
    • Qualification
    • Meeting
    • Proposal
    • Closing

Moreover, there are three steps to understand how a deal works and they are:

  1. What is a deal?
  2. How to add a deal?
  3. How to import a deal?

After having a clear understanding of how a deal works, it’s time to understand the advantages of the same. So, here are a few advantages of the same:

  1. Getting the attention of customers who are new and regular:

Every person wishes to buy their products on a sale. Moreover, sales during a particular occasion will increase than the normal days because of the fact that they would be days where people would be free enough from their work and also can look Into products at a lower price.

  • Free up  space in your store:

All of these helps you to sell the products which you haven’t and free up space for new products in your shop.

  • Boosts your reputation:

By offering a discount on certain items pertaining to a selected group helps you increase your brand name. Whenever a discount is given on products which people are in dire need of, those customers recognise you as a business which is trying to help out people.

  • These discounts help save money:

If the discount involves payment methods it will help you save a lot of money. That is, when your payment is by credit or debit card there will be an additional fee, so when paid in cash it saves money which is better for the customers as well as the business.

So, here we offer you deals which can not only help your family but also our business. The following are the list of a few categories we have deals for you:

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Not only the materialistic things, but we also care about your personal care and we have for you offers on beauty products to make you look young and beautiful!

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Offers on household items are also important for your family to be fit and healthy.

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And many more awaiting!

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