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The logo you’re seeing on WatchMeTech, is the 3rd redesigned logo since the blog has been launched. I’m a huge fan of minimalist logos. The popular logos of popular brands like Uber, Paypal & eBay are in fact minimalist logos

But when I first designed the logo for my blog, it was not a minimalist and I was thinking to change it to something new. I thought of outsourcing  the work on Fiverr or other platforms

But I was skeptical whether I would receive the exact logo which I’m picturing how it should be. So, I decided to make one for my own and started working on platforms like Fotor, Fotojet and few others

DesignEvo Review

But the end result was not satisfying and so I delayed the work to change the logo on my blog. At that time, DesignEvo reached out to me and requested to review their tool on my blog

Professional Grade Logo Designer – DesignEvo

The logo you see on the blog’s header and the favicon, both are designed in DesignEvo. Before getting into the Pros & Cons of the tool, I would like to let you know that this review is not a paid/biased review.

All the opinions are my own and apart from the things I like, there are things I don’t like with tool and I’ll be pointing them in this article.

Before going into the review here’s the tutorial video to use the tool:

They also offered me a paid membership for the tool to test it out at its potential offering. So, Moving on to the pros and cons.

  1. Vector Graphics – SVG, offering while downloading the designed logo
  2. Pricing is very affordable and has a free plan
  3. Online Logo Editor is sophisticated in terms of features like alignments, layout determining etc.,
  1. We can’t upload images we own in to the tool to embed in the logo that we’re designing
  2. Examples, Icons/Shapes collection on the logo editor needs to be updated with more samples.
  3. Saving the process of designing is not automated. We need to manually save each & every design to the profile

As mentioned, there are very few online logo makers that are out that who offer vector graphics download. SVG is a great format, scalable to any extent and I personally love this option.

The tool is very new and their dashboard and website need lots of improvements to be done. Few things I didn’t like is there’s no direct login/sign in option on the site

We need to click on the sign up to find the sign in link. I’ve been offered with a coupon code to download every logo with paid user privileges instead of assigning me as a paid user at the account level.

I doubted about this and what if every user who pays for the tool gets a coupon code like I did and needs it to be inputted for every design the person makes

So, I contacted them regarding this issue and they replied the paid user will have privileges at account level but I’m not sure about this. Please comment below if you happen to get the paid membership to this wonderful tool after going through this review.


As highlighted earlier, SVG offering is really an awesome feature. Every logo designing professional charges a premium to deliver the logo in vector graphics

This particular feature is enough to set this tool apart compared to competitors and I would encourage everyone to try out this tool from the link below:

The layout options on the tool are also pretty awesome. Do check it out, It’s free and drop your opinions about the tool in the comments section down below.

DesignEvo Review
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Price


One of few professional grade online logo makers out there which offers SVG file full resolution downloads to the designed logo

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