Five Apps That Can Help Your Business to be More Productive

Do you own your own business and are constantly looking for ways to help it be more productive? If you answered yes, then you find yourself in a group with many others just like you who are striving to better their business but aren’t quite sure how to go about it.

Sure, there are all kinds of traditional methods you can take that can offer some pretty solid results, but with today’s advancements in technology, you also have some other routes you can look into.

Did you know that there are all kinds of apps out there that are developed for business owners such as yourself and are meant to make your life easier, and make your business more productive and efficient? Let’s take a look at five standout apps that may be exactly what you need.

Five Apps That Can Help Your Business

Tab Scanner

Tab Scanner is a powerful receipt OCR scanner meant for developers who need optical character recognition technology. What makes this app so incredible is the fact it was built from the ground up with plenty of thought and testing put into each step.

The end result is something that is so powerful that it can extract data, including line items, at sub-second speeds. It works with all apps and many different platforms, making it the perfect tool in your arsenal.


You may have heard of QuickBooks before in terms of computer software, but now there is an app version that can help you run your business from any location.

Use this app to track your company’s expenses, sales, look at reports that show losses and profits, keep track of accounts payable and receivable, and much more. This app can make fast work of improving your company’s overall financial health.


Maptive is a tool that helps you create beautiful custom maps with ease. Not only do maps look good, but they help you raise your business efficiency to new levels.

They offer a variety of tools for mapping, route planning, and data visualization. If your business deals with lots of geographical data, you will uncover incredible insights with Maptive.


Maybe you’re the type of person that is constantly thinking, brainstorming, and always coming up with new ideas. If that’s the case, the Evernote app can help you to keep these ideas organized so that you don’t forget about them.

You’ll be able to store photos, voice memos, or type content into the app. The on-the-go note-taking tool is also a favorite among users.


Sometimes, to improve your business, you need to get input from your customers and clients, which takes us to the SurveyMonkey app. This app makes it possible for you to set up a survey using the built-in templates, then review the data in-depth as it comes into the app.

Each of these apps is able to perform a very important and specialized task and together, they can help your business to be more productive and profitable.

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