Earn Free Google Play Credit in 6 Easy Ways

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From Now on you don’t need to spend your funds for Purchasing apps on Google Play Store. In this article, you’ll learn how to earn Free Google Play Credit in 6 easy ways.

Most of the android users tend to use Android Play Store to download Apps and Games. Google Play Store is Faster, Reliable, Trust Worthy and comes inbuilt

Only problem lying here is App cost. Yes, most of the people don’t want to spend on Apps and Games and starting shifting alternate ways to download them.

These methods are not at all recommended because most of the apps available on the Internet are filled with Malware, Trojans, and Viruses. Many people who don’t care these end up being hacked or their device getting slower than usual.

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Stop downloading Apps like that and start buying them from Google Play store without paying from your pockets. There are several ways to earn Free Google Play Credit to buy Apps & Games.

How Google Play Store Credit works ?

Google Play Credit is simply the funds added to your Google Account in the Play Store using your Credit / Debit Card to cut down the hassle while completing a payment.

If we already have Credits filled in our Play Store account then we don’t need to input our Credit/Debit cards every time we make a purchase, Right?

So how does this work and what are the ways to add those credits to our account? Adding credits can also be done using Gift cards. Gift Cards are google’s way of promoting their App Business.

We can get lots of gift cards on the Internet which can be converted into Google Play Credit using additional benefits like Promo Codes while adding them.

Use the following steps to add funds into your account and use them to purchase stuff on Google’s Play Store.

  • Go to https://play.google.com/store
  • Hover over the Settings Icon and then select ” My Account “.
  • There you’ll find 2 options like ” Add Credit/Debit Card ” or ” Redeem”.
  • If you want to do your purchase using Credit/Debit then select that one or else Select Redeem to enter a Gift Card.
  • By adding Credit Card you can cut the hassle of entering your details every time you make a Purchase. Not only that you can simply add funds to your account to make it lot easier.
  • Gift Card simply add funds to your account to use them during payment. Utilize this if you have a Promo Code for the Gift card.

But we are not here to spend our funds to Buy Apps & Games, We are here to earn those Free Google Play Credit. So let’s get started.

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6 Ways to Earn Free Google Play Credit

These are the best available ways to earn Free Google Play Credit genuinely and use it to purchase not only Apps and Games but also Google Entertainment Offerings.

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1) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an official app to earn Free Google Play Credit released by Google itself. The app sends you weekly surveys to earn rewards

Which turn up into credits and will be added to your account. Those Surveys will be based on the preferences you set while registering a profile on the app.

Free Google Play Store Credit

For every survey, you’ll receive like 1$ Free Google play Credit. The normal app present in the Google Play Store is around 1$ right so, you’ll get 1 free app for a single survey you complete.

You’ll be informed by the app when you get a new survey to fill by notifications.

  • Open Google Play Store and Search for ” Google Opinion Rewards “.
  • Install the app and after installing you’ll automatically log in to the App with your existing Google Account
  • You’ll be prompted with an introduction screen after you open the App. There can learn basic stuff about How-To’s regarding the App
  • Then you need to create a Profile setting your preferences accordingly such that you’ll receive surveys basing on your interest.
  • Some of the Profile info would be age, gender, area, pin code etc., Once it’s completed you’ll be in the App Dashboard where you can check the Credits Earned and stuff like that.
  • You can fill in the Surveys available at that moment or else you can wait for new surveys later.

2) FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps is one the best alternative to gain rewards for free Gift Cards. Remember about Gift Cards that I explained earlier in the post. They are equal to Funds what we deposit using Credit/Debit cards on to Google Play Store Account for Buying Apps.

The special thing about FreeMyApps is it’s not only used to earn Free Google Play Credit, it can also be used to earn Gift cards for online Stores like Amazon, Spotify, Skype, Xbox, Starbucks and much more.

It grants Gift Cards just for trying out new Apps and Games released on Play Store. You’ll earn Free Google Play Credit in the form of Gift Cards which can be redeemed on the App.

  • Open Play store and Search for ” FreeMyApps ” and Install it.
  • After opening the App, you’ll find Free New Apps and Games to Try which can earn you Credits. In addition to that, you can watch videos to earn more credits.
  • Those Credits are FreeMyApps Credit which can later be converted into Free Google Play Credit
  • Generate Gift Card using those Credits and redeem it in the Play Store. You can also generate gift cards for online shopping site too.

3) AppNana – Free Google Play Credit

AppNana is also the most popular rewards earning App in the Play Store. It allows users to gain Free Credit that can be utilized on Play Store, Amazon, PayPal, iTunes, and much more Stores.

You need to install apps listed in AppNana in order to earn points for the app download. AppNana verifies App Installation after you open the downloaded App.

  • Install AppNana From Play Store. Open the installed App.
  • After that, you need to Download free apps to earn rewards.
  • Receive points for downloading Apps and redeem those points for gift cards.
  • You’ll receive 400 points daily for logging into the app regularly.

4) JunoWallet

JunoWallet is another alternative App to generate gift cards and rewards that can redeem on Play Store. The earning Procedure is somewhat different than others.

Here you have Play Games, Watch Video, Make calls for inviting others to install the App, and obviously complete surveys. These will gain you Gift Cards for Play Store and other online shopping sites.

  • Install JunoWallet by searching it on Play Store. Sign up for the app using either your Social Logins or tradition Email Registration.
  • Download Apps or Complete surveys to get your free credit in JunoWallet
  • After earning credits, go to the shop and generate Gift Card by picking your reward.

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5) CubicReward

CubicReward is similar to JunoWallet. It rewards credits to users by Playing and using the hottest Apps & games on your device. Use those rewarded credits and generate Gift Cards that can be redeemed on Play Store.

CubicReward is trustworthy, Fast, Secure and reliable. Many positive reviews led this app to make into this list of Free google Play Credit Apps.

  • Go to Play Store and search for CubicReward and then install the app.
  • You’ll find all your Favorite Apps cited over there on CubicReward app.
  • You need to download and install them. Later you’ve to use them to earn promised reward on those apps.
  • Refer more friends to earn more Free Google Play Credit rewards on CubicReward.
  • Earn Bonus rewards for daily logging and for involving in Events.
  • You can redeem those rewards by generating a Gift Card for Amazon or Play Store.

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6) Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is one of the most advertised Credits earning App that made into the list. It’s simple interface and features like claiming the credits on FreeCharge and PayPal is the best in it.

  • First of all, Visit Play Store and install Tap Cash Rewards .
  • Download the latest games and apps Tap Cash Rewards Dashboard.
  • Don’t forget to  play those downloaded free games and run the apps to complete the offer which will earn credits for you.
  • Once you earn enough credits, you can use those credits to redeem gift cards or cash rewards.
  • You can even invite your friends and earn more credits.

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Hope you guys liked this article. Let me know if you’ve any query down below in the comment section. Please do share this on Social Media coz Sharing is SEXY!

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