A Guide to Gaming Chairs – The Best Options for Every Gamer

The popularity of computer games today has greatly increased. And their quality has increased, too. They amaze with their realism and an exciting plot.

You will not surprise anyone now with a hobby for computer games, even adults plunge into the virtual world. You need a powerful computer to play modern games, to see clear graphics, realistic colors. But sitting in front of the monitor for hours does not go unnoticed, not only the eyes get tired, but also the arms, back, as the body takes the wrong position.

Comfort is the main principle for fans of such entertainment. Therefore, take care of your health in advance. To remove the load from the spine, many acquire gaming chairs, and the assortment is striking in its diversity.

A Guide to Gaming Chairs

The need for gaming chairs and furniture

Recently, there has been a significant surge in the development of IT technologies. Humanity seems wrong now without modern gadgets. Every day we are surrounded by tablets, phones, computers of various configurations.

Arriving home, I want to take a break from the worldly bustle, get in my favorite chair, watch my favorite series, read a book. Rest is different for everyone, and many like to sit at the computer monitor up until midnight, passing the next level of the game.

To make it a pleasure, arrange your own playing place. Choose the right furniture to minimize damage to your health. The main attribute of convenience for a gamer is a special gaming chair.

People far from the virtual game world do not understand why a regular computer chair wouldn’t work. It is because spending a long time in a sitting position forever spoils the posture.

A primitive computer chair for the home is suitable for all family members for a short work at the computer.

Due to its properties of height adjustment, backrest position, the presence of armrests, it will provide comfortable work at the computer to any person, but not to the gamer.

A computer chair for a gamer is an improved version of an office chair with a soft seat and a height adjuster.

Types of gaming chairs

According to reclinerfaq.com, gaming computer chairs for the home can be different. They are released in a variety of stylistic decisions and price categories. Each player can choose the necessary model and configuration. It depends on the needs and your financial capabilities.

Gaming chair types are differing in upholstery and comfort. The leather chair is comfortable, its ergonomics are enhanced, but the comfortable sensations will last no more than 2 hours spent in it, because such upholstery sweats out incredibly.

This applies to leatherette chairs. A fabric gaming chair with a mesh/net inset is the most suitable option for ventilation of the body.

There are 4 configurations of seats for gaming:

simple computer gaming chairs combining functionality and convenience. In appearance, they are similar to office ones, but have a more sophisticated design and a minimum of settings.

There is a seat post for adjusting the height. They are relatively suitable for games at the computer, but they are not equipped with additional functions. Such a computer chair is a budget option for beginners;

ergonomic computer chairs of increased comfort. This is no longer office furniture, but also not quite a player’s chair. Such a chair has a seat post, so it has a fine adjustment of height, and an adjustable back position. But it is devoid of special gaming devices.

You don’t have to worry about the position of the back and the condition of the spine, since there is a wide range of orthopedic computer chairs among the representatives of these models.

Often, a mesh is stretched over the chair body, preventing excessive sweating and sticking to the chair.

This type of chair usually has a high-quality, but not a very durable plastic bottom and low-quality non-rubberized wheels. But there are also improved models with chrome parts and a footrest;

racing gaming models are the best option for an avid player. It is the best option. In these models everything is regulated. You can adjust the backrest, armrests, headrest according to your parameters. This is incredibly comfortable furniture. It becomes a real decoration of the interior of the room or the office;

the best gaming chair with a complete package. This is not a simple chair for a computer table, but a magnificent throne for a real gamer. Its only minus is that it is not mobile. Such a computer chair has no wheels and is installed permanently.

The seat post will help you arrange the required height. These models are equipped with various audio connectors and built-in speakers. They don’t only make your playing comfortable, but are also good for watching movies. This is a whole structure that is easy to customize.


Each gaming chair has its own advantages with different features. If an ordinary orthopedic chair for working at a computer gives you comfort, then video game chairs will immerse you in the real world of adventure. The main features of this type of furniture are the reliability of the structure, the presence of a metal frame, high functionality and ergonomics of the models.

They will make it most comfortable for you to sit in front of the computer. The seat post will help set the chair to the optimum height, and the rollers on the armrests and headrest will keep your spine in its natural position.

The back of the gaming chair has a wide range of position adjustment. A convenient adjustment system will take care of the correct setting of the position, which adapts to the player. The main task of such products is to remove the excessive tension of the wrists, shoulders and lower back.

Some models are equipped with special mechanisms for arranging the keyboard. This allows you to relax the whole body, relieve tension in the muscles of your neck and eyes. The presence of pockets for storing various types of controllers increases comfort, too.

How to choose the right chair

First of all, pay attention to the convenience and safety of the new acquisition. Consider the time that you will spend playing games. If you devote no more than a couple of hours a day to games, you can choose a simpler, budget model.

If playing at the computer is your hobby, most of your life happens there, then look for a comfortable chair of increased comfort.

How to not make a mistake choosing a gaming chair and not regret it in the future? 

Pay attention to functionality. The chair should have different adjustments, which in the manual or mechanical mode will keep the correct position of your body. It is advisable that almost everything should be adjustable.

Take a look at the upholstery material. We talked about it above. It’s best if the chair is fabric.

When choosing a product, pay attention to convenience. You can determine it on the spot, by just crouching on it. Consider all the nuances that the model has.

An important aspect in the choice will be the ratio of price to quality. Only a comfortable and high-quality chair will be perfect for you. And it is not always that expensive models are comfortable and meet all quality standards.

One of the important elements for every gamer in their choice is customization. In this paragraph, it should be noted that there are collapsible parts in the chair to optimize it for your own parameters, because a computer chair without armrests will not work for a comfortable game.

Well, or at least if there’s an option for them to be attached. It is better when one product can be adjusted to fit not just your parameters but also the rest of the family.

Choosing the best “throne” for gaming, focus on its compatibility with other gadgets. If you choose an expensive product, then it should not be limited only by built-in functionality.

Many chairs can be ennobled with additional devices in the form of special stands for the mouse, keyboard, etc. Only specialized gaming chairs can be equipped with these devices.

When choosing, it is worth paying attention to such important things:

choosing a classic office chair, look at the quality, reliability of the design, whether there is a seat post and other necessary features. Make sure the stability of it, the quality of the wheels and all the details, maneuverability.

It is preferable to choose products with rubberized wheels. They will save you from scratches on the floor and from the rattling sound;

look at the upholstery – it is better to choose chairs with a lining made of absorbent material in order to avoid unpleasant sticking to the chair;

the presence of a headrest – a soft device will help relieve tension from the cervical spine. Also, some models are equipped with a special roller for the lower back;

try it out and consider your needs and feelings. Select the stiffness of the seat. If you feel the need for reliable fixation of the back, choose orthopedic gaming chairs;

the color depends on your taste and preference only. Production provides any color scheme for selection. You can view photos on the Internet, study the types, familiarize yourself with common brands, models, and then make your choice.

Is it possible to replace a gaming chair with a regular one?

Many beginner gamers are interested in whether the office version of the chair can replace the gaming one. You can do it only if you spend the minimum amount of time at the computer. Control your own body position, do not bend your back.

A high-quality office chair can provide reliable support for the neck and back, and if it is equipped with armrests it means the tension of the shoulder and wrist joints will be minimal. Therefore, such a chair can be safely operated both in the office and at home for playing at the computer.

It all depends on your budget and needs. A cheap chair will not provide you comfort, because the correct fit and body position are highly important while playing. While sitting, a person should not feel numb legs or back pain.

The load on the spine should be minimized as much as possible. Therefore, to choose a comfortable chair, it is worth approaching the choice responsibly.

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