Hidester VPN Review – #1 Web Censorship VPN to Unblock Blocked Sites

Hidester VPN Review

Name: Hidester VPN

Description: Hidester VPN is one of the best VPN out there specially developed to take care of web censorship and throttling issues with ISPs

Price: 5

Currency: $

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and macOS

Application Category: Utilities


  • User Interface
  • Server Locations
  • Speed
  • Secure


Hidester VPN is one of the best VPN out there specially developed to take care of web censorship and throttling issues with ISPs

Hidester VPN is the new player on the web to offer VPN service for secure and unrestricted web access on the Internet.

Like every other VPN provider, Hidester offers a wide variety of VPN Locations/Regions to configure.

Unlike, other VPN Providers out there Hidester supports a unique protocol specially designed to handle access to restricted websites on the web.

We’ll talk more about the technology and how Hidester handles it in detail in this article but, Before that here is the list of platforms where we tested the VPN on:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

Without further ado lets get straight into the Review:

Hidester VPN Review – Unblock Sites like never before

User Experience

The VPN is beautifully designed I can assure you that, The best part of the VPN is the GUI Linux Client

When I started testing the VPN on Ubuntu, I thought the VPN needs to be operated from a Terminal using Linux Commands.

Most popular VPN’s like ExpressVPN doesn’t have a GUI client for it’s VPN, But Hidester does

Moreover, it works charmingly well. The software integrates perfectly on Linux Distros and Installation is pretty simple too. 

Security researchers and Ethical Hackers mostly use VPNs and The Onion Routing (TOR) to tunnel into aprivate network. Hidester can be a perfect VPN for people like them.


To Be Honest, Initial impressions on the VPN speed when enabled are not very impressive

As you can see, from the below graph, The speeds are terrible compared to the top players out there

We’ve tested the VPN on a 1 Gbps Google Fiber Network that can average at least 900+ Mb/s Download and Upload. 

Hidester VPN Speedtest

As I mentioned earlier in the review, Hidester is a new VPN Provider, so VPN server speeds are one thing they surely need to work on in order be succeed in the business

However, low network speeds doesn’t determine how good a VPN is? The better part of the review is yet to come.

The average Internet speed lies somewhere around 50 Mb/s worldwide and certainly Hidester’s speed can satisfy most user base worldwide with such low speeds if we consider the average.

Also, Speed can easily be improved by launching more server decreasing the load of user base connecting to a single server on that particular location.

User Logs

Hidester advertised that their VPN’s are not going to keep any User’s logs and which is a Good Thing

However, I’m not sure how long they’re going to retain the data collected like to which server the user got connect and from which location. Even how much data the user consumed in that session can be a track that others can trace back.

I’ll be contacting regarding this and will update you once I get the info on how long they’re going to retain the logs of the data above-mentioned.

Anyway, for a normal user who a just looking to be secure while browsing the web doesn’t need to worry much though.


Often VPNs fail to tunnel our network to a secure line; Authentication fails happen in some situations

When coming to Hidester, I never experienced such reliability issues expect on one platform, iOS.

Yes, on iOS Hidester is not at all worked for me and regarding this, I’ve contacted their team to understand the issue.

also, they confirmed that they’re working on fixing the authentication fail issue occurring on the platform

Considering Hidester being a new player which explains earlier issues and I’m sure they’ll come with a fix soon.


VPN Servers availability is decent with Hidester, And they’re present in 40+ locations around the world

They’ve multiple servers in multiple locations of Top Tier countries.

You can check the complete list of available locations here.

Hidester VPN Review – Web Censorship as a Priority!

This is the best feature I like with this VPN, and unlike other VPN providers they had taken the censorship restriction thing up a notch

So, What’s so special?

Hidester has developed two new protocol in-house to handle web censorship. They’re CamoVPN and CamoWeb

CamoWeb bests at handling unblocking restricted sites by tunnelling web traffic while browsing, whereas CamoVPN protocol provides all the benefits or CamoWeb and OpenVPN

I preferred CamoVPN for most of the time during my usage with this VPN

Check out Hidester, if you’re into total protection and unrestricted access:

They offer, 7-Day risk-free money back guarantee in case you don’t like continuing after trying it for the first week

Wrapping Up

For a guy who follows Digital Nomad lifestyle, VPN is a must, and I’ve tried most top providers as of now

Also, Hidester is the only new player I tried and loved within days. The CamoVPN is <3

Hope you guys love the review, Kindly leave your questions in the comments section if you’ve any regarding the Hidester VPN Review

BTW, I would love to know what VPN you’re using for your needs. You know the drill right, Leave a comment to let me know.

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