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Hike For PC is an App Developed by Indians for Messaging Purposes. As we all know that there are many Apps to serve the purpose of messaging, Hike is one of the biggest competitors among them.

Most of the Messaging service is Nowadays dominated by Whatsapp. But Hike is somewhat different it packs a wide variety of features to enjoy while messaging.

If you put hike in a Whatsapp user’s perspective, He would probably say that Hike is everything that WhatsApp does and in addition to that Hike does much more.

Especially for iOS Users hike is the best option for messaging than Whatsapp because it has built-in locking feature. You can literally use Touch ID, The fancy fingerprint scanner integrated right into Home button to unlock the App.

Not only that, you can lock particular person’s messages within the app too. So your friends won’t even doubt you while you’re using the app, Cool right.

Some other cool new features include dedicated Stickers that built into the App itself. Having stickers that show local funda’s and feelings are damn cool.

So, most of the people have already tried Hike and got addicted to it. But the downside of Hike is it doesn’t have a Dedicated App or web interface for PC’s like Whatsapp does.

There’s no official Hike messenger for PC . But there are ways to download hike for PC . In this article, I’ll be guiding you the ways to get Hike Messenger for PC . So, let’s get started.

Hike for PC without BlueStacks – The Best Method

Everyone is familiar with BlueStacks, The famous Android emulator used by most of the people to run Android Apps on PC. Then you should probably familiar with the drawbacks of BlueStacks and speed issues of it.

So why don’t you get real, Stop using some sluggish Android Emulator to fire up your favorite Android Apps! Here’s the best alternative to BlueStacks to run Hike Messenger.

The alternative is Remix Player, which is an Android OS emulated on Windows. Jide Technology developed Remix Player which is full pledged Android interface that’s perfectly optimized to work with PC’s user interface.

Let’s get started on how to install Hike Messenger for PC using Remix Player.

  • I would suggest you select ” Installer download ” option Because it’s recommended by Jide in order to get the Latest & stable android build available at their server
  • Open the downloaded ” Remix OS Player ” and choose your Directory to Install Remix OS Player and Proceed.

Hike For PC - Remix Download

  • You can now boot Remix OS simply by firing up Installed Remix Player software on Desktop. What’s special about Remix OS player which sets BlueStacks aside is this menu – ” Advanced Settings “.
  • You get to select your VM’s config while booting, I would recommend you to select the best config by balancing your System Specs and reserving some for Windows.

Hike Messenger for Pc - Settings

  • Click start to boot up Desktop Android OS using Remix OS Player. After Booting up you’all get a TOS Agreement screen, Just ignore it by agreeing to them.

Hike Download For PC

  • Now’s the fun part – Hike Messenger Download for PC. Remix OS comes with its own proprietary store to download apps that are optimized for Desktop User Interface.
  • Download Hike For PC by simply selecting “Hike” from the list and click Install.

Download Hike For PC

  • That’s it you’re good to go Hike Messenger for PC is installed and can be used like a Native Android App on Windows PC.

hike for pc without bluestacks

You’ll get complete instructions on how to install Remix Player on the page where the Remix OS player is located for more info.

Jide is a recent startup launched somewhere around 2016 and they did pretty well. First, they’ve launched their product Remix Mini and Remix OS on Kickstarter which is similar to Remix OS on Televisions

I’ve made some tutorials on my YouTube Channel on How to dual boot Remix OS on Windows, Here’s the Playlist: Remix OS if you want to check them out.

Download Hike For PC using BlueStacks

BlueStacks is very familiar to most of the PC users who likes to enjoy Android on their Desktop’s. BlueStacks doesn’t have support like Remix OS Player but it sure does the work.

BlueStacks is free and old so you can find many more tutorials out there to enjoy not only Hike Messenger for PC but other apps too.

  • Download BlueStacks from the given link below, and install it on your computer. Make sure your PC has enough graphics juice in it to support BlueStacks emulation or else you’ll have a sluggish BlueStacks experience.

Download BlueStacks

  • After all the installation is done then we have to Download Hike For PC. This process is same as how you download apps on your Android device.
  • Log into your Google Account and then open Google Play Store and search for ” Hike For PC ” and download and hike from Play Store.
  • That’s it you’re done installing Hike Messenger for PC obviously, this is less recommended than 1st method but still, this works.

BlueStacks give lots of errors sometimes where a non-developer will not know. So maximum please prefer 1st method. For more convenience, I’m listing one more method.

But all these methods are sorted by their difficulty and support level, 1st as the best one.

Hike Messenger for PC installation using YouWave

YouWave is a simple Android emulator for PC. We can also Download Hike For PC in this emulator and can enjoy the benefits of Hike Messenger on PC.

  • Visit and download the YouWave Android Emulator for PC.
  • Install it on your PC and run the YouWave Emulator. Then you can Install Hike Messenger for PC by downloading the APK file from the browser present in the emulator itself.
  • Install the Apk file and enjoy Hike on your PC using YouWave

So guys, that was it. Hope you guys liked this article, If you’ve any further questions let me know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article on Social Media coz, Sharing is SEXY!

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  1. Awesome article. Hike installation without bluestacks is good . I preferred that method. Remix OS Player is better than BlueStacks. Thanks for the article.


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