Hoverwatch Review – Spying app for Android for Free

Most spying apps don’t work these days as they have to and Hoverwatch ain’t among them. In this Hoverwatch Review, you’ll know how legit it is?

This tracking app is developed for: those parents who intend to monitor their kids activities so that they can protect their kids in a better way or for those employers who doubt their employees are planning shady behind their back

This is one of the most reliable and feature rich spying app for android that I’ve used lately

Hoverwatch Review


Getting Started with Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is available on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac and
  • Android

In this review, I’m not going to explain the app’s version on Desktop platforms as it works as regular keylogger on desktop platforms.

We would like to concentrate and explain how the Hoverwatch tracker works when installed on Android devices.

So, moving to the installation part and the installation is pretty mainstream and if you landed here in search of android spying apps then you might be familiar with how to install an APK on the device

If not, Hoverwatch have cooked a decent tutorial on how to get started after registering with them and you can check it below:

Note: You need a working Internet Connection for this app to work and You need physical access to the device you want to track at least at the time of attempting the installation on it.

Hoverwatch Review – Best Features of the tracker

Call/SMS Recording

You can get recording of the outgoing and incoming calls and can be accessed on the dashboard on their website after logging in using your credentials.

Apart from call recordings the app can also recording SMS and provide contact and message info right on the dashborad

Facebook & Whatsapp Spy

Hoverwatch has the capability of recording texts sent via Facebook messenger as well as on WhatsApp. This is the best feature when you compare with SMS recording feature which is the only supported feature by most trackers out there

Most of the conversations happens on WhatsApp nowadays and if you want me to rank the services I would rank Whatsapp, then Facebook Messenger and lastly SMS are used for conversations

So tracking WhatsApp as well as Facebook messages are critical and this app does that flawlessly staying hidden all the time.

Location Tracking

This is a nifty feature and no spying app comes without this feature so does Hoverwatch. This feature allows you to track the monitoring device instantly on the dashboard

The app takes advantage of both GPS as well as WiFi to provide precise tracking info on a clear map view.

Periodic Screenshot Export

Sometimes, Monitoring might be difficult when the situation is that the tracking person is unable to picture what’s going on with their Employee. At that time the best way is to look at their device and find what’s going on

As it negates the purpose of remote tracking, Hoverwatch added an extraordinary feature of exporting screenshots of the remote device to the dashboard in periodically

Stealth Mode & Camera Tracking

Stealth mode is activated right after the installation of the Hoverwatch Tracker is done, Stealth mode is basically being hidden from the user that his/her Android device is being tracked.

You might get a decent idea of about how the app is sophisticated enough to pull this off during the installation. Also, you can take a look from the above installation video

Another advanced feature is camera tracking, The app takes a quick stealthy photo when the user unlocks the device. This lets employers track with whom their employees are sharing their devices


Apart from the above mentioned top features, Hoverwatch also supports features like Phone Internet history tracking, Detection of SIM Change and export for saved contacts etc.,

Hope you find Hoverwatch Review helpful and if you’re ready to check out the app feel free to check out the app from the below link

Also, let me know if you need any info regarding the app, You can use the comments section down below to post your queries.

Hoverwatch Review
Hoverwatch Review

Name: Hoverwatch

Description: Most spying apps don't work these days as they have to and Hoverwatch ain't among them. In this Hoverwatch Review, you'll know how legit it is?

Price: 0.00

Currency: $

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Utilities


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Most spying apps don’t work these days as they have to and Hoverwatch ain’t among them. In this Hoverwatch Review, you’ll know how legit it is?

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