Install Fuchsia OS on Android [Video Tutorial Review Included] ?

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to Install Fuchsia OS on Android, Fuchsia is a new open-source project by Google. Fuchsia might be a new iteration of its mobile revolution.

We all know that Android is completely dominating the Mobile Platform world, We also knew about it’s potential. Then why did Google create a new Operating System?

In this article, you will the procedure to Install Fuchsia OS which will let see what exactly it looks like. In addition to that Google claims it as RTOS – Real Time Operating System.

Looks like a Cloud Based Operating System from the term Real-Time but don’t know the exactly potential of the Operating System until we get an alpha or beta build to check out.

Install Fuchsia on Android

Install Fuchsia OS on Android

Installation of the OS is like a Virtual Machine right now because of unavailability of the builds at this moment. But the Installation pretty straight forward and takes like 2-3 minutes to get it done.

If you’re lazy you can just skip the text tutorial and proceed to the Video Tutorial for easy understanding. So, Let’s get started.

  • Get the Fuchsia APK from this Link: Download

  • Install the Fuchsia APK on your Android Device. Then you’ll get a new app installed on your device as ” Armadillo “.

All the layout and Fuchsia OS is comprised and made into an APK to check out which was be named as ” Armadillo “. This entire process was done by Kyle Bradshaw. Thanks to him you’ll get the entire Fuchsia OS look on your Android.

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