Law Firm Marketing Expert Unveils New Online Guide For Attorneys

In a time where the unknown can, at the touch of a button, become known, no knowledge is out of reach. The internet has assured it.

Making it so, should a person ever finds themselves looking for an attorney, a likely visit to the world wide web will help bring this search to an end.

Odds are that a client will probably go with one of the top links they get, which is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. It is a method that will prioritize your firm above others, having it appear higher on the list, increasing your chances of receiving more clients.

So, as it’s necessary to invest in SEO, a law firm search engine guide seems to be exactly what is needed.

Law Firm Marketing Guide

1. Discovery & Evaluation 

A firm’s identity is key in giving it the best service. So, naturally, a meeting will be demanded, in which you’ll discuss your goals and objectives, past marketing efforts, current marketing efforts, competition and your market and anything else that needs discussing.

This might also include talking about your previous experiences with SEO, and how effective it may or may not have been. You can offer this kind of information either through a phone call or by filling out a document, which will then conclude the intake stage. 

2. SEO Audit and Keyword Research

You have just finished introducing yourself. Next comes in the SEO audit, which includes but is not limited to:

  • The URL structure of your website
  • The existing content on your website
  • A Maps 3-Pack ranking
  • Local search profile
  • Google my business listing
  • Competitive analysis 

Some of the things might need changing, like the content on your website and the URL structure as well.

You’ll also have to identify the keywords that are relative to your practice. After doing so, you must prioritize them. It is best if you go with keywords that serve opportunity, ones that may lure more clients into your net.

Try using the keywords your ideal clients may use, that way you’ll pop up for them when they’re looking for a law firm. 

It is crucial that you know of the importance of a Maps 3-Pack ranking and the effect it may have on your firm. Information from a very reliable lawyer marketing guide, claims that Maps 3-Pack ranking can bring you in much more clients.

Law firms that rank in the top spots of the 3-Pack can expect to get more phone calls from prospective clients.

3. Architecture and On-page Optimization 

Most lawyer SEO agencies speak little about the importance of architecture, even though it plays a vital role. Your website needs to be ordered in a way that will make it easier for search engine crawlers to understand, so that you may get the best result. This brings us to on-page optimization.

It’s a process that involves recognizing the factors that have an effect on your website listing, and then optimizing them. They include, image optimization, URL, compelling, keyword-rich title elements and much more. 

4. Optimizing Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business (GMB) is known for its importance. To help with its effectiveness, an online review for your law firm is also important. It helps maintain a successful local search presence. 

5. Local Search Optimization 

This highlights the importance of a 3-Pack ranking and of an involvement with the top directories, which should mention your law firm.

There is optimization by proximity, which has the firms closer to your pop up first. Also, Google has to trust your site, so get all the proper links and put up images that will help you in wooing Google.

One way you can do that is by site mirroring, which build trust between yourself and the search engine.

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