How to Make the Most Out of Your CRM

Whether you are using a custom-built CRM or a pre-built CRM, you will need to make the most out of it to maximize on your marketing efforts. Customer Relationship Managers are designed to communicate with your customers and ultimately to retain them while driving sales.

Keeping your customers informed, collecting their data, sorting into lists or automating marketing campaigns are all part of a good CRM.

Having a CRM specifically designed for your company can be extremely beneficial in achieving your sales goals and increasing your bottom line.

Make Most Out of CRM

Unfortunately, this can prove to be costly as CRMs don’t come cheap when they need to be designed from scratch. This is normally a lengthy process, as testing and troubleshooting are part of the roll-out.

Add training your employees to this project and it can take a good year or two to get the most out of your CRM.

If you are using a pre-built one, there may be features you don’t understand or didn’t even know existed. You could be losing out on valuable leads!  Run through the quick checklist below for some tips on how to maximize your CRM potential.

Employees and Training

The number one way to maximize your CRM’s potential is to actively train staff on how your company’s CRM operates and how to make it work for them.

An amazing CRM platform that no-one knows how to use or understands is a waste of time and money. Proper and thorough training will negate this factor and ensure that your employees fully harness the potential a CRM provides.


There are many ways to integrate a CRM with platforms such as email, e-commerce, social media and active selling efforts.

The starting block for integration would be with your company’s email accounts – if you haven’t set this up yet, do it as soon as possible. The marketing potential of integrating Outlook and CRM’s is phenomenal.

HubSpot Outlook integration is especially useful if you need a continuous data process which connects callers to your CRM and contact bases! PieSync offers you just this! Up until now, various plug-ins have not supported a true 2-way solution that constantly updates data on Outlook.

With PieSync, HubSpot and Outlook are automatically integrated and synced to make everyone’s lives easier.

Think Mobile

CRM systems should be available on smartphones so that everyone is connected and synced even if they are away from their laptop. Mobile friendly CRMs are essential for sales and marketing staff who are on the road or out of the office environment often.

This will increase productivity for the entire company and save on time, effort and money. The entire marketing and sales department will be functioning like a well-oiled marketing machine! This is a clear win-win for everyone.

CRMs are built to assist companies with reaching their sales, retention and marketing goals by making the entire process easy and automated.

Realizing the full scope of what a CRM can do for your business is the first step to creating a successful work-flow to benefit everyone.

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