How To Manage Personal Injury Claims

As a business owner, you work very hard to build your business and make it a successful part of your community. Unfortunately, many businesses are at risk of being sued for a personal injury claim.

A fall or other accident on your property could potentially cost you millions. It is important to protect yourself and your business from these types of claims. However, if an accident does occur and someone is injured, it is important to follow these steps to properly manage the claim and protect your business.

Personal Injury Claims

Get the Injured Person Care

If a person is injured at your business, the first step to take is to get them medical care immediately. Failure to seek proper medical care for those injured at your business, whether a customer or an employee, could be very problematic for you and your case.

If the injury is severe, contacting emergency services is always the best option. For minor injuries, such as a bruise or abrasion, offering first aid is acceptable, but you should stress the importance of them seeking care from a health care professional. If you are unsure if the injury is severe or not, call emergency services anyway. It is always best to err on the side of caution.

Secure the Area

As soon as the injured person has been provided with care, it is important to secure the area where the accident had occurred.

This should be done as quickly as possible to preserve the scene of the accident. You will want to see the area and determine the cause of the accident before anything is moved or changed.

It is also important to secure this area to prevent further accidents. For example, if the injury was fall was due to a wet floor, it is important that no one else falls in the same area.

There may also be new hazards due to the initial accident, such as blood or broken items. It is important that you take steps to prevent others from being injured. Even if the accident was not caused by any fault of you or your business, not taking steps to prevent additional accidents could be.

Complete an Incident Report

Your business should have a plan set up for these types of incidents. This helps ensure you and your employees know exactly what to do in these cases.

This plan should include an incident report or paperwork that you need to file when an accident occurs. Whether there is an established plan or not, having a written report is important for your case.

This report should include the personal information and contact information of the person who was injured.

It should also include, in your own words, a written account of what you witnessed or what you were told happened. If possible, a statement from the injured person is also important to have in this report.

You should also inspect the area where the accident occurred and give a detailed description of what caused the accident.

Pictures are often beneficial for helping in these types of cases. You should also take statements from any witnesses that saw the accident. This can help provide you with a complete picture of exactly what happened.

Contact an Attorney

The next step is to contact a lawyer to help with the legal aspects of an accident. This process can be confusing and frustrating.

The personal injury lawyers at Preszler Law Firm believe that you should understand your rights and obligations in this process. The attorney is able to provide information regarding health and safety laws in regard to this particular accident. They can also advise you on the best next steps in the process.

If a claim is filed against you for the injuries from that accident, an attorney is your best option in this situation. An attorney will review your case and provide services and assistance to help protect your rights and your business.

The attorney will require all the information you collected regarding the accident to help with your case.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Premise insurance and liability insurance offers protection to business owners in these situations. If there is a personal injury claim against you for this injury, your insurance agent will provide you with information about your insurance policy.

In many instances, your insurance will provide coverage for many of the costs associated with the injury.

Contacting your insurance agent will allow you to file a report with the insurance company to begin the process for payment of those costs.

The insurance company will need any information you have about the accident. The written incident report and witness testimony will be important for your insurance claim.

Regardless of how careful you are as a business owner, accidents still happen. It is near impossible to prevent every type of accident that may occur. The best option you have is to take the right steps after the accident. This helps to minimize your liability as the owner of the business.

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