MegaDownloader Mac: Bypass Mega Download Limit on macOS? ?

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MegaDownloader Mac lets you bypass mega Download Links on your macOS. What’s the need of this tutorial and MegaDownloader for mac?

Until now there’s a standalone MegaDownloader for PC which lets you Bypass Mega Bandwidth Limit Quota Exceeded Error but unfortunately, there’s no working method to get this done on macOS until now.

Today, I’ll be explaining you guys on how to download MegaDownloader Mac version and how to download Mega files using it.There are 2 methods to get this work.

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As I said earlier one of the methods involves MegaDownloader Mac Installation and the other is by installing some terminal based CLI application

which can be further used to bypass the Mega Download Limit using the terminal commands. So, let’s get started.

MegaDownloader Mac

#1 Download MegaDownloader Mac [100% Working]

This method is the easiest and if you happen to be a PC user and had tried Bypass Mega Bandwidth Limit using MegaDownloader then this method will be super easy for you.

If you haven’t used any before on any platform then don’t worry, this method involves very basic steps and is easy as hell.

  • Download the recently released MegaDownloader for Mac version from here:

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  • Unzip the downloaded file and then you’ll find ” MegaDownload.pkg ” file. Open the file to start the Installation. If you get any unexpected error like ” Blocked from opening because of unidentified developer “.
  • Then go to Settings in your macOS –> ” Security & Privacy ” —> ” Click on the Lock Button at the bottom ” —> ” Then you can get an option like ‘ allow anyway ‘ to run the Package “.

MegaDownloader for Mac Installation

  • Follow the Instructions and install the package. You can check the installed MegaDownloader for Mac in the launch pad of your Mac.
  • It is very similar to the PC version but the language currently supported in it is not English. It doesn’t pose any difficulty because the options and usage are pretty simple.

MegaDownloader Mac Installed

  • Open the app from the launch pad and it’ll look something like in the below pic. Here you’ll get add URL and other basic stuff that the software offers.
  • Simply add the URL and you’re good to go. It’ll Bypass Mega Download on Mac and lets you download files irrespective of their size.

bypass mega download limit mac

The current MegaDownloader for Mac is tested & installed in a beta version of macOS High Siera and as you can see it works flawlessly. But for some cases, if it doesn’t work for you?

Then you try the 2nd method which is somewhat complicated but does the work fine.

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#2 Bypass Mega Download on Mac Tutorial: MegaDownloader for Mac

Next method in this tutorial is pure command based using MegaTools for Mac that can be executed directly from the terminal of your Mac.

This method works to bypass mega download limit for Mac OS but there are some downsides to this procedure. Those will be explained too in the later part of this tutorial. Don’t forget them to check them out for making sure your bypass works.

  • The first step is to Install HomeBrew on your Mac. It’ll be used to leverage tools for downloading Mega files. Open ” Terminal ” on your Mac and paste the following command:

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/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Then follow the on-screen terminal instructions to the installation. Once the HomeBrew is installed, run this command to Install MegaTools Mac
brew install megatools
  • MegaTools Mac will be installed using the HomeBrew. Now it’s time to download some files using Mega Links.
  • Navigate to your desired directory. Let’s say ” Downloads ” – Default directory for storing all the downloads we do on our Mac using the following on the terminal
cd Downloads
  • Once you’re in the right directory of your choice. Just execute the following command:
megadl  'Your Mega Download Link Here'
  • Paste your Mega Download Link with the decrytped key attached to the link and also “quotes” are required for this to work.

This will help you Bypass Mega Bandwidth Limit and lets your download the desired files onto your desired directory without any hassle directory from the CLI

but as I mentioned there are downsides to this procedure despite being difficult when compared to the previous method.

Drawbacks of using MegaTools for Mac

  1. The difficulty level is high when compared to the previous method
  2. You can’t download files that are separated from the Decrypted key in the link. This option is still not available
  3. Most users reported that they’re facing the following error while using this procedure
data download failed: server returned 509

In a nutshell, this is not sophisticated yet. But we can expect better in the near future. Fingers Crossed 😛


Either difficult or easy, both the methods explained in this tutorial helps you Bypass Mega Bandwith Limit Exceeded error on Mac. It’s up to you to use whatever method you’re comfortable with.

If you’re PC user and looking for a PC alternative then this is for you. Click the below link to check out the tutorial:

Also, let me know if you face any error while configuring this tutorial in the comments section down below. I’ll try to fix them ASAP.

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  1. Thanks for the link to MegaDownloader Mac.
    I just download and installed it. But when I try to open it nothing happens.
    I’m using the latest MacOS.
    Any solution?


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