What Is More Important? Quantity or Quality of Blog Posts

In many different aspects of life, people always wonder what would be better when it comes to anything, quality or quantity.

Many businesses go through the same dilemma because they want to make sure that their strategies are working effectively. The main goal is to attract more leads, turn those leads into customers, and then increase sales.

If you’re running a blog, or multiple ones, and you’re trying to figure out what attracts potential customers more, then read on to know for sure which is better when it comes to the quantity and quality of your blog posts.

Quantity Quality Blog Posts

Questions to Ask First

You need to start asking yourself some questions first before you can determine if the quality is better than quantity or vice versa. You need to figure out what type of blog you are.

Meaning, does your fan base want frequent posts every day? Or do you believe they are more satisfied with one post a week? The main idea is to see people’s reactions to what you’re posting. Are you making your content relevant?

Do you post different topics and give your fan base options? Are you meeting customer demands and satisfying their needs? Do you have a schedule when it comes to your blog posts?

Answering all of these questions first can make a difference in your quest to find which is better. Quality content or multiple posts that don’t have enough traction.

Finding Quality Platforms for Guest Posting

It’s possible to increase your chances with high-quality platforms where you can guest post on. Some blogs might need that little extra push to gain the momentum they need for better lead generation levels.

For better results, you should use helpful software that can guide you on how to find the best place to guest post. Adam White from SEO Jet believes that a good guest posting service makes a huge difference when it comes to organic traffic generation.

This means that using this software helps you with your backlink strategy and that can give you an idea of how many guest posts you need.

Just remember not to do it multiple times to avoid getting all your work dismissed by Google and you could end up losing your SEO ranking. 

Quality Beats Quantity 

You need to understand that quality will always beat quantity when it comes to blog posts. This is the case because the results don’t lie. If you look at the analytical data of a specific blog, you will notice that it gets more traffic and sales when the quality of the content is high.

You might post once or twice a week, but you shouldn’t think that it’s not good enough. If you put a lot of effort into your posts and make sure that the content was interesting, informative, and useful, then it will always come out on top.

When you compare it to multiple posts a week that have minimal effort, the results are not the same and you will not get genuine traffic or extra sales.

Manage Your Time 

Preparing quality content for your blog posts isn’t easy. One of the main obstacles that will be in your way is time.

You should realize that writing great posts with excellent content needs skill and finesse, but that takes a lot of time off your hands. You need to be ready to manage your time because you can’t create quality content alone to ensure success.

You will get burned out and you won’t have any motivation or effort left to promote your blog to gain more traffic. This is why you may need help and you might consider outsourcing the promoting part of your plan. Or you can just hire more people to help you finish your work.

Expect Mistakes 

No one is perfect and it’s normal to expect mistakes because they happen a lot. Human errors will need to be tolerated because losing your patience is not an option right now. Think of any mistake as a stepping stone towards better blog posts.

You should learn from any mistake and strive to become better at blog posting. Just edit your work properly to make sure that people will get high-quality content. Also, you need to make sure that the content is engaging, readable, and easy to understand.

Being Consistent Is Key

You should be aware that you need to be consistent with your high-quality blog posts. If you had a nice month or two and then you were forced to stop for a week. In theory, your fan base shouldn’t shrink, and you won’t lose subscribers just yet.

However, if the content you’re writing becomes stale, you might see fewer people visiting your blog. Also, when you put a plan for posting and you start following that plan, then you need to continue posting according to the plan that you have for yourself. Consistency can make a huge difference in the success of your blog.

Is It Possible to Have a Balance Between Quantity and Quality?

Many businesses and blog post creators ask if they can combine quality with quantity. But that is tricky to have for multiple reasons. You can’t tell how your posts will be perceived and you might not look good in Google’s eyes and that can prove to be detrimental.

You need to test out and see how many backlinks, guest posts, and content you could have that would be within the safe zone of keeping your SEO ranking. Overall, it is possible to have a mix of both quality and quantity with the right strategy that implements that mix properly. 

Even though it depends on the situation, most blogs tend to get more traction when posts have high-quality content. You can expect a major change to your analytics if you focus on quality more than quantity with your blog posts.

If Google is happy, then you get a higher ranking on the search engine lists. Also, you would gain authority which makes you a relevant platform for numerous people online. This will help your blog grow and you can expect an increase in traffic, awareness, sales, and profits. 

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