Fix Out of HTML5 Offline Storage Space Mega Browser Error

We often get errors like Out of HTML5 Offline Storage Space when downloading large files from Most of us feel difficult to overcome this error

And, end of leaving the download site to shift to another which is a time-consuming task in my opinion. Because going for the alternative is never easy and that too when large files are involved.

So in this article, I’ll explain you to fix the issue Out of HTML5 Offline Storage Space on download page. Which bypasses the limit and get the download going.


Bypass Out of HTML5 Storage Space

Out of HTML5 Offline Storage Space Mega Error offers huge storage limits for free tier users and became one of the reliable sources for large file downloads. But the major drawback of the site is that it doesn’t let the end users download files like every website usually does.

Don’t know why Mega opted for this but this is a major drawback on their part. I think many of its users are waiting since long for this feature to end.

Which apparently is not happening and we still experience errors like Out of HTML5 Offline Storage Space. But, alternatively they allow one more option and that is download via MegaSync.

MegaSync is their in-house download/upload client which is very good in my perspective when considering the bandwidth speed. But, What if the user is a one-time guy and he’s just here to download the file and nothing else.

Forcing him to download their client is not apt. But it’s a good Growth Hacking move to grow Mega’s reach. Not only that they insist the end user to use their chrome/firefox plugin which is not able to handle this.

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How To fix Out of HTML5 Offline Storage Space Mega Error?

Fixing this error is very simple but there’s not 100% reliability to this fix. This might fix the issue temporarily in some cases and you might end of not getting the download.

The first step is to open Google Chrome Settings and you can do that by simply click on the 3 dots at the top right corner on Google Chrome.

Alternatively, you can try typing this: chrome://settings/ in the URL Field and press enter. Both will lead you to the Chrome settings menu. Then select ” Content Settings “.

You need to scroll down to the bottom and it’ll be under Advanced Settings section. Then choose the settings as shown in the below picture.


In the content settings, locate for ” Cookies ” menu, It’ll be the first in most cases and select that as shown in the below pic.


final step for the fix is to search for the Mega Cookie data record. You can do that using the search bar found in this section beside ” All Cookies & Site Data ” menu.

Click on the trash can icon to proceed for the delete as shown in the below pic, This will help clear the cookie storage and free up space for your browser download on


As said earlier this will fix the issue in most cases and this might not. I would strongly recommend you guys to check the conclusion section for more reasons of this error occurrence & why the fix is hit or miss


No.1 reason is quite obvious, the error occurs when your pc doesn’t have enough space to handle the task. So make sure your hard drive has enough space sufficient to store the downloading file.

Sometimes, the out of HTML5 storage space error occurs even you have enough space too. This is the 2nd reason for the occurrence of the error.

If you’ve been using Mega Browser Download method more lately than you should, then the previous download data might be stacked in the cookies.

This might prevent the current download from downloading and result in the error. For more permanent fix try using Megadownloader and you’ll find the complete details here:

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