Dual Boot GalliumOS

Dual Boot GalliumOS on Windows 7,8,10

Dual Boot GalliumOS on Windows 7,8,10 helps you to enjoy the Flavor of Chrome on top of Linux without compromising your good old favorite Windows Operating System. GalliumOS is a Linux Distro made for Chromebook Users which offers complete Linux Environment with hardware support. Gallium OS  is built on top of Xubuntu Linux Distribution so obviously it’s light weight and provides full Desktop functionality. Gallium OS also comes with built in ChromeOS mouse driver which help to provide same experience as of Chromebook. (more…)

Dual Boot Solus OS

Dual Boot Solus OS on Windows 10

SolusOS is a new Operating System based on Linux Platform. Dual Boot Solus OS on Windows 10 helps you to run Solus OS alongside Windows 10. SolusOS was Awarded Best looking Linux Distribution award, So it’s absolutely worth checking it out. It’s an Open Source project developed and released in the year 2016, I personally gone through the distribution and Really SolusOS is looking great and the performance is snappier. (more…)

Dual Boot CloudReady Chrome OS

Dual Boot CloudReady Chrome OS on Windows 10 PC

Dual Boot CloudReady Chrome OS : CloudReady is the new player in town which is a Chrome OS Based operating system that can actually Dual Booted with Windows Devices.

Yes, you heard it right we can actually dual boot CloudReady chrome OS on Windows 10 devices or older. A company named Neverware developed CloudReady as an alternative for Windows users which deals normal and basic features that a Chromebook can manage. (more…)

Dual Boot Phoenix OS

Dual Boot Phoenix OS with Windows 7 8 10

Phoenix OS is an operating system made for PC’s running Windows and we’re going to Dual Boot it. Most of the Legacy devices are incapable of running recent Windows versions like Windows 8/8.1 and 10, So Organizations like Phoenix OS developed an operating system which is capable of running in Legacy and slower devices and offer Almost every feature that Windows can do by offering Dual Boot Phoenix OS Android Installation that can run in x86 architecture (more…)