Get Backlinks Using Disqus

Get Backlinks using Disqus Comments

Many Authority blogs use Disqus  as their preferred blog  commenting system on blog post. What many don’t is how to get backlinks using disqus comments. If we manage to get backlinks using Disqus

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Jetpack Photon Decrease SEO

Does Jetpack Photon Decrease SEO ?

Jetpack is one of the popular plugin available in WordPress repository. Jetpack comes with a tool called ” photon ” which optimizes as well as speeds up the Images using CDN. But the question

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Create Speed Test Server

Create Speed Test Server : DIY

Hi guys today we are going to make a DIY on  create Speed Test Server . All of us are familiar with – which is used to test Broadband Speed. From this tutorial you can create your

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Trick Google Plus - Google Plus SEO

Trick Google Plus to Boost Traffic by 400% {Guide}

Hi guys this article is about How to Trick Google Plus to Boost Traffic. I personally tried this trick and this trick works like a charm. It gave me some legit traffic, we have recently implemented this

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Dual Boot GalliumOS

Dual Boot GalliumOS on Windows 7,8,10

Dual Boot GalliumOS on Windows 7,8,10 helps you to enjoy the Flavor of Chrome on top of Linux without compromising your good old favorite Windows Operating System. GalliumOS is a Linux Distro made for

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Dual Boot Solus OS

Dual Boot Solus OS on Windows 10

SolusOS is a new Operating System based on Linux Platform. Dual Boot Solus OS on Windows 10 helps you to run Solus OS alongside Windows 10. SolusOS was Awarded Best looking Linux Distribution award,

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