How Photography Can Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

Sixty percent of consumers prefer to use a business that includes a business with their online listing, and almost sixty percent of adults between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine use photography focused sites like Instagram.  

This is why it is so important to make sure that your website and digital marketing is up to date and aesthetically pleasing.

Using quality photography is a great way to pump up the effectiveness of your business’ online presence, and hopefully increase clientele.  

Photography Take Marketing Next Level

The Psychology of Visual Representation

Photography is a popular medium, evidenced by the many collage makers used to create beautiful prints of family photos and captured sunsets.

And it likely won’t come as a surprise that photographs are a much more effective marketing tool than words alone.  The age old adage, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ continues to hold up.

In fact, the difference in effectiveness is huge.  Three days after receiving information through words alone, only ten percent of the message is likely to be remembered. However, if you add a photo, up to sixty-five percent of the information will stick.  

And for days after exposure, most people can remember more than two thousand pictures with ninety percent accuracy. The data is clear.  Using the right photographs in your website design and marketing can make all the difference in making sales or gaining clients.

How To Use Photography Effectively

The first and most obvious rule when it comes to using photos to amp up your digital marketing is quality of photos.  

Finding a good photographer who produces images that are professional and fit the aesthetic and style of your business is crucial.  Combining a high quality and pleasing photo with the right messaging is the next step to make potential customers or clients keep coming back.  

The accompanying message should be concise, and bring together the image with the goal of your business. But even without a caption or explanation, the photos you use should be able to fully encapsulate the purpose of your business, and communicate the story you are trying to tell.  

You want your viewers to be able to picture themselves interacting with the product or service, and it should leave them with a positive feeling.

The culture of marketing and the effectiveness of various tactics is changing rapidly in the age of modern technology.  Using quality and attention grabbing photography is crucial for making your business stand out from the crowd.

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