8 Powerful SEO Tips to Boost Your App Downloads

If you’re thinking about creating an app for your business, or you have everything ready to go, it’s only natural that you will want as many users as possible to download it.

While you may have the tools and resources to create the best app on the market, unless consumers are aware of your app, it’s likely that you won’t get the traction you envisaged.

Just like it does with your business website and blog, SEO (search engine optimization) can be a great way to boost your app downloads.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are eight powerful SEO tips that you can take on board.

SEO Tips to Boost Your App Downloads

Know Your App Inside Out

First and foremost, it’s important that you know the A-Z of your app and what it can deliver to your target audience. Before you begin creating an app, understanding which is better, native or hybrid app can help ensure your consumers find your app with ease.

Appetiser specialises in web and mobile apps that can turn your dream into a successful reality. Before anything else, make sure that you decide what kind of platforms you want your app to go on.

Pick the Right Keywords

For consumers to be aware of your app and what you have to offer, it’s crucial that you use the right keywords for your app. Similar to SEO, App Store Optimization helps the search engine detect keywords to the app that it relates to.

If you’ve had experience with SEO, you will know how important it is to use relevant keywords to boost your ranking in search engine results.

Use an Attractive Title

With consumers having more choices than ever before, it’s important that you use an attractive title to make your app stand out from the crowd.

When designing your app, it’s advised to use easy to remember terminology that provides the consumer with information on what you’re offering.

For example, if you have created an app designed for shopping, make sure that you incorporate terms like online store or shopping.

Keyword-Friendly App URL

While many people create a useful app and factor in relevant keywords in the description box, the vast majority don’t pay enough attention to the app’s URL.

If you leave this section plain without putting in keywords, search engines will miss its meaning, resulting in your target audience not being able to find your app.

There are various strategies that you can take to increase the visibility of your app, such as ensuring it is search engine friendly.

Proper Description

How you describe your app can make a big difference when it comes to how many downloads you receive.

While you may think a sentence or two may do the job, you may be surprised to learn that only 5% of consumers click on tabs such as click here or read more.

It’s vital that your description provides necessary information about your app, and language that lures the consumer in.

The first couple of lines are critical, so make sure that you highlight the best features of your app and why users should pick yours over your competitors’.

Create a Catchy Icon

It seems like just about everyone owns a smartphone or tablet, meaning visuals play a major part when it comes to boosting app downloads.

When designing an icon for your app, you need to make it stand out for all the right reasons.

There are lots of things that you can do, such as using bright colours, and making your design unique to others on the market.

If you aren’t the most tech-savvy, it’s best to hire a professional designer who can step in and create a catchy icon for you.

Research Your Competitors

No matter what kind of app you decide to create, the chances are you will have many competitors in the same field.

You may find that many of the apps are very similar to what you have to offer, so it’s best to conduct research into who your competitors are, what they offer to consumers, as well as their unique selling point.

Knowledge is power, so examining who your rivals are can help give you the inspiration to create an app that stands above the rest.

Use A/B Testing

It can be difficult to know how your app is performing without the necessary knowledge and information behind you. A/B testing is becoming increasingly popular and is primarily used to establish how the app is performing.

There are several hints that you can take into account what may be having a negative impact on your app’s performance. Regarded as a key component of SEO strategy, A/B testing should be your top priority before launching your app onto the market.

Whether you’ve launched apps in the past, or you’re about to create your first, there are plenty of useful SEO tips that you can take on board to boost your ranking and increase your download count.

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