How to Remove Continue Watching Netflix History in 3 Simple Steps ?

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Well, you might be knowing that Netflix stores watch history in the app itself if you’re a Netflix user like me. In this article, I’ll explain how to remove Continue Watching Netflix History within the app.

I’m not sure about you, but I treat my browser history as my personal diary which I don’t want to share with anyone. And, Netflix’s Continue Watching history list is no exception.

So, recently I’ve upgraded my standard plan to the Premium plan on Netflix which supports 4K streaming. Apart from 4K, the plan comes with an ability to share streaming over 4 screens with your family members.

When doing that, you’ve to care of your watch history or clear Continue Watching Netflix History on the service to protect privacy.

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Continue Watching Netflix History

3 simple steps to Remove Continue Watching Netflix History

Apart from basic plan, the standard and premium plans support more screens and assign profiles to each screen. Creating a new profile is okay but every member can see other profiles continue watching streaming history.

Follow these simple steps to get it cleared from your profile in case you don’t need everyone on the account to be knowing.

  • Login to and then select your profile from the list of total profiles that are set up in the account until then.

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Clear Netflix Continue Watching

  • Highlight on your profile at the top right corner and then select –> Account from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, select ” View Activity ” as shown in the below pic to remove Recently Watched Netflix History

Delete Netflix Watch History

In this section, you’ll get to remove individual streams that you watched earlier which is kinda nice. I’ve seen some services which have completely clear of history options rather than selected. Voot is one which does like that and you can check more about it here:


Despite being a popular paid streaming service, Netflix lags behind user-friendly layout to adjust settings. It doesn’t let the user pick the streaming quality like other competitors like Amazon Prime does.

Not only that, there are other factors which bug me and not only me but others who binge watch Netflix. One of the factors is the difficulty of removing Continue Watching Netflix History

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