Root Bluestacks 2 Latest Version using BS Helper or Kingroot

When people were using earlier versions of Bluestacks the procedure to root Bluestacks is quite simply. And there are lots of resources out there explaining the steps to do that. But recently Bluestacks 2 has been released and most of the exploit to root the player is fixed.

In this article, I’ll be explaining 2 Methods to Root Bluestacks 2 using BS Helper & Kingroot. Before getting into the actual procedure, I want to mention what Bluestacks is?

Bluestacks is a popular Android Emulator for PC and Mac which lets you install and run Android apps on your computer. Bluestacks 2 is similar to Remix Player, and you check more about it Remix Player here ( Hike For PC without Bluestacks )

The first method involves BS Helper to Root Bluestacks 2 which is the fastest and simple procedure, and the other includes an Android app – Kingroot and a Tweaking Software.

Root Bluestacks

#1 How To Root Bluestacks 2 Latest Version Using BS Helper

First of all, you need to visit and click download Bluestacks button at the top right corner to download the latest version of the emulator

Once the download is completed, you need to open the downloaded file to install Bluestacks on your computer. After the completion of Installation open Play Store and Install ” Root Check ” App.

After that open the installed ” Root Check ” app to determine the root status of the current Bluestacks Player. Obviously, you’ll get ” No root Detected ” Status in the App.

Then, Download BS  and extract the file to any location on your computer. After that open BSHelper.exe file from the extracted folder and click on the button where it says ” Patch for SuperUser x .”

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In a couple of secs, the exploit to root Bluestacks will be pushed into Bluestacks, and SuperUser X Apk file will be installed on the Bluestacks. Once you see a success message on BSHelper, close the file and verify whether Bluestacks is successfully rooted or not?

To verify the root status open root check from the launcher and you can find that your Bluestacks 2 is successfully rooted from the root check result.

If you’re lazy to read the text version of the tutorial, here’s the video of the entire tutorial to Root Bluestacks 2 Latest Version using BS Helper:

#2 How To Root Bluestacks 2 Latest Version using Kingroot

This is somewhat complicated procedure when compared to the above one, but It’ll work just fine. Install Bluestacks 2 Player by following the instruction in #1 Method or from the video.

After the Installation, Download Kingroot Apk to your PC and drag the APK onto the Bluestacks t0 install it. And, It’ll be installed on to your Bluestacks 2 right away.

The app comes built in with all the exploits to root an Android Operating System. Kingroot is one of the Apps that is popularly supported by devs to include latest modules to work with different devices and builds.

Launch the Kingroot from the launcher and you’ll find this message for unrooted devices – root status error: Fix. Click on the Android logo and allow Kingroot a couple of minutes to complete the exploitation for rooting your device.

Then Download and Extract BS Tweaker to your PC and open the BS Tweaker application from the extracted folder.

How to Root Bluestacks

You’ll find ” Restart BS ” option in BlueStacks Tweaker as highlighted in the above pic. Click on that to completely reset the BlueStacks app.

After the restart, confirm the root status by downloading ” Root Check ” app from the play store. If prompted, please accept permissions for root status.

You can also use the same procedure to root Bluestacks Linux Latest Version on Ubuntu

Finally, you can enjoy Rooted Bluestacks 2 latest version. Hope this article helped you, If it does, please share this on Social Media coz Sharing is SEXY!!!

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  1. is it possible that if u open Kingroot on BS that it will say : SIMPLE root is easier and faster?
    becuz I wait very long but only that shows up , no erro fix pop-up


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