How to Take an SEO Course & Learn about SEO

What is SEO?

In simple terms, without the Oxford blazer and skyward pointing nose, it means a method of getting more people to visit your company website, by appealing internet marketing.

However, if you are wearing your gold-trimmed blazer and polished brogues, then read here for the more bookworm version.

Take SEO Course

There are many techniques and strategies available to companies when it comes to clever marketing. But before you dive in the deep end, ensure you know what’s available and which is best suited for you and the business.

When your brand is at the top of searches, you will likely be seeing more traffic through people clicking on your site. Then naturally the more they visit your website, it’s only habitual that something will entice them and thus sales increase.

And this is the goal at the end of the day.

Why use SEO?

When using the SEO method of marketing, you are more likely than not to reach an expansive database as if you were to pay for an ad to pop up. Most people, including myself, just click the little x at the top corner the minute we see those things. But if your page pops up through a certain word search, there is a higher chance they will click and be nosey.

Yes, your unpaid pop up will appear below the usually paid ads, but not that much lower. Usually, only 1 or 2 ads down the list and then there you are, advertising on page one. For free. Check out this guide on optimizing through YouTube, the second-largest visited site after Google.

If you live in a small village like me, then supporting the local businesses and entrepreneurs is a must. If we can’t help out our fellow neighbors then who are we?

And in our village, the local pamphlet that goes out has nothing on word of mouth or trying to compete with old Eleanor at the corner fruit and veg. If Eleanor mentions your business and service, the more tech-savvy modern villagers such as myself immediately hop on the web and type in our local handy man’s details.

You need to increase your local SEO strategy. Don’t underestimate the local village, I’ve come to learn.

How to Start Your SEO experience?

There are a few factors to take into consideration to get the process started and the inevitable ball of life rolling. You need to write down the goals you want to achieve, how you are going to get there and more importantly, where are you right this minute?

Once your website is up and running, check the stats, see how you rank and make notes of keywords that you can add to your page site to allow your company to pop up more frequently in searches.

In this all you need to know guide for SEO learning, you’ll be taken from beginner level to rolling-in-it level. Take notes, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Learning SEO

As I keep drilling into my kids, who I’m sure are just drowning me out, is that education is so important and can never be wasted. Learning more, asking more questions and seeking knowledge is vital for growth.

This is especially important when it comes to wanting a career in a specific industry. You need to research, be a low paid apprentice and take the necessary courses.

Not only will striving to complete a degree in your desired field be an achievement in itself, but it will give your life a purpose. Learning SEO is no different. Be sure to look for the best SEO course you can afford, and give your everything.

5 Advantages of Using SEO.

  • Credit. It increases the credibility of your brand. We all know cream rises to the top, and this is hardwired into us when we see brands that rank high on the search list results.
  • Visits. After Browsing the website, users will usually make a trip to go visit the store and experience it for themselves.
  • Top Dog. Staying on the 1st page of the search results will make people more aware of you, and continued awareness will lead to customer loyalty and purchasing.
  • All-round experience. The easier to use and more attractive your site is, the more likely customers are to return. They want a webpage that is simple to navigate and shop around in and appealing to look at.
  • Social-media. The more your company or brand appears at the top of searches and on the first page of results, the more customers will visit your site and click on your social pages, thus increasing your social followers and awareness.

Cost of an SEO Course

Like with all qualifications and certificates costs can vary. If you go for your bachelor’s degree or whether you further your education and continue onto a master’s degree, prices can differ. Particular countries also price their courses differently, so make sure you get all the facts. Over a couple of thousand dollars if I had to ball-park.

What is an SEO job?

Through all the technical jargon, it is someone who looks at websites with a magnifying glass, analyses them and sees how he can make them more efficient. How can he increase the number of people clicking on your site?

He advises, or if employed, implements the changes he thinks will be necessary to get the feet in the door so to speak. Add keywords that might pop up more frequently in searches or add more content to the website. The more appealing the better.

Tips on what Customers Look for.

When they visit your site, they need to be able to know that it’s secure and accessible. And with life becoming increasingly busy, page speed loading needs to be top-notch, especially for use on mobile phones. This is where everyone’s eyes are glued to these days anyway.

Just be aware of how everything works together. Take a step back and see it from a different angle. How would you rate it if you were the customer?

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