Fix SSL Connection Error on Google Chrome

What is SSL Connection Error and How to fix it?  Many browsers are past this error but still, some are facing this issue due to multiple reasons.

When we access some websites browser displays this error, and it became one of the most common error while surfing websites.

In this article, you’ll learn the reasons for the occurrence of SSL Errors and How to Fix SSL Connection Errors.

SSL Connection Error

SSL Errors – Causes

SSL Certificate is what enables HTTPS protocol instead of tradition HTTP on websites. HTTPS is a ranking factor from google’s perspective and SEO’s likes SSL

Not only that HTTPS secures websites using a 128-bit encryption and kind of shows trustworthiness to the surfing user. SSL Stands for Secure Socket Layer.

SSL Connection secures flow of confidential data back and forth from server and user’s browser. So how SSL Connection Errors happen exactly?

Browsers save inbuilt Certificate List fo Various SSL’s Provided by different providers. When a user requests a website powered by an SSL Certificate, then the browser cross check the certificate with the list built into it.

If it fails to identify the Certificate, then the Browser displays SSL Connection Error, and the user will not get access to the website. Which is a bummer

The SSL Errors are again classified into 3 types and they’re SSL Certificate Error, SSL Connection Error, and SSL Security Error.

We will discuss more on these classifications and how to solves those SSL Errors on Chrome Browser which in turn helps you tackle the issue in any browser.

SSL Error – Reasons

Above classified SSL Errors might occur due to some mistakes and misconfigurations did from the user’s end. I’ll list some of them reasons for their occurrence

  • If a website is using an Un-Trusted Certificate or issued by an Un-Trusty Provider. This generally happens when a webmaster tries to push his website as HTTPS without registering it by a proper SSL Certificate
  • Mixed content issues – means websites having both secure and insecure part of codes. Most sites can be fixed by some tweaks on their website which I’ll explain below.
  • If the certificate issued is not up to date. This happens when a Webmaster forgets to renew the SSL Certificate
  • Wrong date and time. Arrgh… If a PC is having a wrong date and time. Many people don’t care about the wrong date and time and neglects correcting it which is responsible for SSL Error.
  • AntiVirus is only of the reason for blocking untrusted websites.

SSL Connection Error – How to fix it?

There are several methods to Fix SSL Connection Error problem on Google Chrome and other browsers. I’ll explain according to the reasons by which it is caused.

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Fix by Changing SSL Settings on Google Chrome

  • Open ” Settings ” on Google Chrome

SSL Error - Google Chrome Settings

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  • Then Search for ” Change Proxy Settings ” and select it.

SSL Error - Change Proxy Settings


  • Now select ” Security ” Tab and make sure it’s set to Medium Security. After that move to ” Content ” Tab and select ” Clear SSL State ” Option

SSL Error - Clear SSL State

  • Again select Settings on Google Chrome and search for HTTPS/SSL and select ” Manage Certificates “.




  • Finally, click on ” Import ” to import the desired certificate and you’re good to go.

SSL Error - Import SSL

This method will fix complicate SSL Connection Error problem on Google Chrome and other Browsers. However, for smaller fixes continue with the article.

Fix by Changing Date & Time

  • This is a simple mistake which is ignored by everyone. Most users became familiar with this fix when Opera used to block people of accessing Internet if the device date & time is not correct.
  • So check whether your PC’s date and time are set properly. At least it should match with the current year or else browsers won’t verify the SSL Certificates.

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Fix by Modifying Chrome’s Target

  • This fix is not recommended but it sure works fine and does the job right, Our job here is to Fix SSL Connection Error.
  • So why don’t we just tell Google Chrome not to check for SSL Verification? Sounds funny but there’s a chance to do that.
  • Right click on ” Google Chrome ” shortcut and choose Properties. In the Properties Menu, you’ll find Target Bar where the Path for the shortcut is located.
  • At the end of that path simply paste the following code ” –ignore-certificate-errors– “. As seen in the below picture.

SSL Connection Error - fix


  • This will tell Google Chrome not to check SSL Certificates while displaying Websites. So you won’t get any SSL Errors further.

Fix SSL Error by modifying AntiVirus

Some AntiVirus comes packed with a bunch of Security Features, which include browser and Internet Security. They often scan Websites and some of them have a Real Time Scanners while browsing Webpages.

  • AntiVirus software from Avast, BitDefender, Mcafee and Many more comes with inbuilt Internet Security. They Scan every link and website on every browser installed on PC
  • The scan is performed to identify InSecure and Phishing sites which are to protect the user from being Hacked.
  • But the downside of this is the antivirus blocks websites if the SSL is expired or untrusted.
  • So by simple disabling the part of the scanner or the entire antivirus might solve this issue and let us surf without any SSL Connection Errors.

Hope you guys like this article. I’ve tried my best to cover how to Fix SSL Connection Errors and explained the reasons and fixes for SSL Certificate Error, SSL Connection Error, and SSL Security Error.

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3 thoughts on “Fix SSL Connection Error on Google Chrome”

  1. Cheers for this article. I actually got these error messages now and then. The tips you provide are good – however, keep in mind the SSL error can be legit sometimes if a malicious person is trying a man-in-the-middle attack. In that case, it’s best not to ignore the error mistake.

  2. In the past, having an SSL certificate was only important if you had an e-commerce website or if you needed to collect information that needed to be encrypted, such as credit card information, SSN, etc.

    Now it has all changed since google has officially announced that they will flag any site without an SSL certificate as insecure.


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