Stop Wasting Time and Start Converting Videos In 5 Steps

Today’s world is inevitably ruled by acceleration, urgency, and overexertion. We are running around from place to place, trying to fit as much activity as humanly possible into our daily schedule.

However, we cannot function correctly unless we also get a chance to relax and blow off some steam from time to time.

What Taking Up a Hobby Could Reveal About You

Hobbies could produce amazing opportunities to learn things you might have thought of as completely unrelated to the topic at hand.

Nevertheless, it is when we attempt new things, things we usually think of as difficult, that we could potentially uncover much more technical knowledge than we had originally planned. This could even show us sides of ourselves we might not have been aware of so far.

For example, the way we handle various situations might reveal the kind of person we are, when it comes to problem-solving or reacting to unforeseen factors.

Useful Resources to Help with Video Making

It is important to stay up to date with the various helpful resources the Internet has to offer. The online medium contains a huge array of free features for anyone to use, without having to install the actual programs on a device.

Video conversion tools are a great example of how simple it is to substitute difficult, time-consuming programs for some easy-to-use online tools, thus shortening the time spent on the entire editing process. This is a great advantage, especially for beginners.

Video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are chock full of excellent video content to inspire even the most novice of beginners. In order to create original content, you have to first learn from what has already been done.

In case you want to use a file found on an Internet sharing platform in one of your own projects, here’s what to do to get it:

1. First, open the video. Any Internet browser will do for this step.
Video Convert 1

2. Select and copy the URL from the address bar, usually found on top of your browser window.

Video Convert 2

3. Next, you should go to the website. You will see a search box on the homepage.

Video Convert 3

4. Paste the link you have copied before into this box and select a format you would like your output video to have.

  • Formats available on this website include video and audio. Additionally, you also have a crop option available in the Advanced options menu. When using this side feature, simply select the start and finish time of the video you are working with. Then, proceed to step 5.

Video Convert 4

5. Press the Convert now button and watch the magic happen.

Video Convert 5

When the loading screen has finished the converting process, you will be able to push a Download button and transfer the file to your device.

Now you can start using YouTube and Vimeo as timeless resources for clips to include in your projects. From here on, you have a huge array of options at your disposal. Use them wisely!

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Several Types of Videos You Can Make and Post Online

Creating videos is getting easier with the help of new technology, but how about good ideas to fuel your creative spirit? Here are the top most popular video trends going on at the moment.

Vlogging Clips – Learning from other people’s experience is extremely useful for anyone. Also known as video blogging, this kind of video can give people an opportunity to travel without having to leave their houses.

DIY Tutorials – A curious mind always stays young. This is why there is an increasing number of people open to learning new things every day.

Music Videos – Music is the area possibly most associated with YouTube. Music videos can be posted on video sharing platforms by professionals and amateurs alike.

Makeup Tutorials – Just when it seems like there’s nothing new to add to this topic, you find 5 or more related videos. Mostly popular among younger girls, makeup is an area that can be approached in various original ways, giving way to some extraordinary visions expressed online in video form.

Haul And / Or Review Videos – Another great example of how people love to live vicariously through others. Show off products you are interested in enough to buy and help others make their own decisions.

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There are, of course, many more possibilities for creating exceptional online video content to post on platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Hopefully, you now feel inspired enough to explore all the fun options.

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