The Best Dating Apps for 2019

Recent statistics revealed that over 49.7 million people in the United States had tried a dating app on the internet in the past.

Worldwide, there are now also over 8,000 different dating websites and apps that people can take advantage of when they wish to take their search for love online.

When you are looking to meet black singles or want to have a broader range of people to see who you match up against, these apps can be very useful when trying to get someone who can make you feel special.

Many of the apps that are available right now welcome anyone, whether that would be a woman seeking men or the other way around, as well as when a person is seeking matches of the same gender. 

Best Dating Apps 2019

Finding the Best Dating App for You

There are many of these apps and platforms on the internet – as we just mentioned, more than 8,000 to choose from. This makes it hard to find a platform that will be able to give you an opportunity to meet someone. 

One of the best ways to find a dating app that is right for you would be to start with some basic factors about yourself. Consider what you are looking for. There are a lot of dating sites that are specialized. If you are seeking someone very specific, then consider looking for a dating site in that particular niche. 

Taking a closer look at the reviews that have been provided regarding certain dating sites can also be useful. You will be able to see if people are finding love and happiness on these platforms. You will also get an opportunity to learn which apps and sites you need to stay clear of. 

The Best Dating Apps to Try in 2019

We have done some digging to find the best dating apps that you can sign up at in 2019. In this list below, we share our findings with you. Take a look at each of these platforms and see which one is able to provide a perfect fit for what you expect from a dating app. Sign up and start browsing to find your match. 


We cannot make a list of the best dating apps without mentioning one of the world’s biggest applications that are out there right now – and that would-be Tinder. This app allows you to fill out a quick form and then matches you to other people who have registered. You are then presented with their profiles and can swipe either left or right, based on whether you would like to chat with that person or not. 


OKCupid is one of the more in-depth dating apps out there. While most of these apps tend to have very basic details on profiles, this particular app requires a more significant amount of data to be filled before matches will be made. There are many people who have actually found someone who they entered a serious and long-term relationship with on this particular platform. 

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is an app that focuses on providing a system that provides better matches compared to other dating apps that are available. There are some people who find that this particular app can be a little confusing, but those who do take the time to fill out their profile and get to know the app are often given a real opportunity at finding someone that they can have a relationship with – instead of just a quick hookup.

The League

This one is considered an elite dating application. Not just anyone can sign up for The League and get a profile. You actually have to apply to get a spot as a member on this platform. While this may seem a little unfair, it is important to note that the idea behind the app is to ensure those who are on the platform have gone through the process of filling out a form and going through the effort to have their account approved. 


With a large variety of dating apps out there, people often do not know which app or platform they should try when they are seeking love. We shared some of the best dating apps that you definitely need to give a try in 2019. If none of these fit your criteria, you can try using random video chat websites. Find the one that matches your requirements and desires, and set up a profile – you never know who you might meet. 

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