Tools and Software for Improving Your Efficiency on Construction Projects

Construction is a complicated and multi featured project management process. With time, the requirements have changed.

Now the world of business has apps and these allow immediate access to finances and other related data required for making decisions for the project.

Henceforth, if you want to boost your business, think of a project management tool for construction.

Check out the exclusive list of tools and software for improving the efficiency on the construction projects.

Software Improving Efficiency Construction Projects


Considered as one of the best apps across the world, the main aim of the app is to help companies boost accountability and efficiency. The goal is accomplished by mobilizing and streamlining project documentation and communication and this increases revenue.

The software assists the construction companies to collaborate when one needs to work from devices with active internet have an access to project documents, schedules, contracts, submittals, RFIs, drawings and so on.

Users won’t have to look long to know what is the construction punch list and how it should be handled. Procore is extremely easy to use with all the answers you need.

Key Features of Procore:

Project dashboard, submittals, drawing management, RFIs, transmittals, reporting, scheduling, document management, customizable reporting, accounting integration, punch list, daily log, change management, estimating, bidding, BIM,

UDA Construction Suite

The tool is combination of robust project management, proposals, scheduling, estimating, documents and contracts with CRM specific to the industry. It is carried out with an integrated online construction solution.

Interactive workflows are great at assisting the project team and it aims at keeping it streamlined and on track. In addition to the above, the project data can be organized and accessed easily.

Eventually, the UDA’s two-way integration tools (QuickBooks) can be supplied with a complete business picture of projects right from the start and also automate the entire procedure AIA billing.

Key Features of UDA:

Change orders, contract management, task management, photo/document management, permit management, job scheduling, job costing, lead management, submittal management, residential, subcontractor management.


The online solution is an integrated software devoted to capital and construction projects. It boasts of total integration and flexible technological infrastructure. The tool ensures there are lower costs, increases interoperability besides boosting productivity.

Key Features of CMiC:

Budget management, communication management, bid management, corporate risk management, revenue management, dashboard and reports, customer relationship management, audit trail, forecasting tools, financial controls, automate workflow processes, procurement management, document management, electronic content management, asset management, analytics, collaboration management.


Robust, a cloud based application created by contractors. The main goal of RedTeam is to manage everything effectively from the pre construction to the project closeout and this connects all the team members working on any device.

The online tool delivers explanations for all the steps involved in the management of the project, from producing new business, contracting, pre construction, financial management and performance management.

Key Features of RedTeam:

Bid management, change orders, contract management, commercial, photo management, job scheduling, job costing, document management, lead management, task management, submittal management, warrant management, timesheets, sub-contractor management.


Want to maintain your project within budget and on schedule. Then HeavyJob is just ideal for you.

After filling and delivering time cards from the work on the field electronically, one can report quicker by pre-filling the crew and the complete equipment information. One can watch the production rates and the daily costs in real time.

This helps in importing data straight to the accounting system and making on the spot adjustments without wasting any more time.

Key Features of HeavyJob

Document management, photo management, change orders, subcontractor management, job costing timesheet

Final words

When you want to be excel in the construction industry, use the management tools and software to enable the completion of construction process. You have already read about some of the best in this article.

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