Top 7 Fitness Apps of 2019

Maintaining fitness has become a prerequisite in this fast-paced and hectic lifestyle that we all live in the 21st century.

With almost everything from groceries to maintenance services available at our doorstep in this digital age, the concept of fitness training has also reached everybody’s doorstep through several fitness apps.

Check out our selection of 7 fitness apps that are trending worldwide and are pretty much up-to-date with the latest of technology available at our hands.

Top Fitness Apps


Jefit is a fitness app that is inclined towards designing workouts centered on bodybuilding. Therefore it is great for weightlifters as it also tracks their progress. The users can log in the amount they lift and repetitions of each set.

The feature of the calendar helps the users to plan out days for workout and rest. Jefit has an extensive database of thousands of routines that can be sorted on the basis of the targeted body part, with complete instructions along with appropriate trackers and timers.

It has got beginner as well as advanced workout routines and you can get connected to other users through its social platform.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a free fitness app which features workout sessions recommended to the users based on the personal information of the users.

The workout sessions are mostly in the form of videos with trainers that focus on strength, mobility or endurance. This app has a wider variety of workout categories to choose from ranging from weightlifting to yoga.

An exciting feature in the app is exercise sessions from Nike athletes and celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams.


A unique fitness app in its own way, ClassPass gives two options for the users: one, to book-in-person classes at fitness boutiques in your neighborhood, or two, use ClassPass Live in the comfort of your home as live sessions are streamed through its platform.

The app finds classes for users according to their preference including Pilates, yoga, running, strength and endurance training.

Through ClassLive, the subscribers have an extensive choice of HIIT workouts, barre, cycling, boxing, and yoga among others that can be streamed directly into your TV set through Chromecast device.

Asana Rebel

Speaking of improvisation, Asana Rebel is not a regular yoga app; in fact it is a sort of hybrid of a yoga and fitness app. This app combines the traditional practices in yoga with HIIT exercises like planks and burpees.

It offers high energy workout that work your body from head to toe, according to the choice of your workout. The workouts have video previews and you can choose workout using filters like duration, goal and intensity.

Asana Rebel broadly focuses on five themes – Get in shape, Strength building, Flexibility, Balance and Focus, and Breathe and Relax.

The aesthetics of the app are pitched well with a youthful and modern feel and the videos are filmed in real locations rather than some fancy background.


Noom Coach helps you to work around your weight issues and helps you to lose excess weight by building healthier habits.

Everyday’s tasks are lined up when you open the app as you are required to record your meal intake, weight and exercise hours. The app assigns the users fitness coaches in order to achieve the desired target.

The users are linked to one another through a virtual community in which the users get a feeling of working with one another through an exchange of conversation through app’s group chats.

The app has a scientific form of learning as it updates the users on nutritional benefits and discusses the psychological factors of weight loss. The Noom Coach app has its basis in the popular Noom diet, read more here to know the diet’s benefits.


MapMyFitness is a GPS-powered exercise tracking app for activities including running, cycling, and walking among others.

It is an ideal app to track your fitness progress as it logs about 600 different fitness activities and allows the users to sync with scores of devices.

The app records your progress such as the distance covered, time duration, and pace through GPS and other sensors, and stores them, which you can use to set new personal goals.

Through MapMyFitness community, the users can connect and join various challenges and motivate one another.

PEAR – Personal Fitness Coach

Pear allows the user to choose a personal trainer from a host of certified trainers for workouts.

The users can choose pre-designed workouts or customize their workout as per their need. This app is good for those who are looking for a hands-free and eyes-free coaching experience as it works on audio guidance of the coaches.

It boasts of a variety of fitness levels and intensities that vary according to your level of performance. Like other apps of similar class, it connects with other fitness trackers and devices and keeps a record of your progress.

In case you are wondering which fitness app to download, then just look at the type of workout that you would prefer and surely that will get you to the right option.

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