Use these 5 Visual Content Tricks to Boost your SEO Rankings

Did you know that there are over 5 billion pieces of content on the internet? And that it is possible to use a combination of tactics to make an individual piece stand out?

Well, if you knew, you probably also know that the process is called boosting SEO Ranking and that visual strategy is one of those proven tactics capable of doing the trick overnight. 

Here is some good news: whether you are a graphic design expert or an amateur, visual content design with tools has made creating high-quality visual content a piece of cake.  

In addition, you have quite a wide array of visual strategies to choose from depending on your specific needs.

Visual Content Tricks

1. Infographics for increased engagement

Because of their ability to spark curiosity and interest, infographics are the ultimate tool for boosting the engagement of your website with the target audience.

It is for this reason that they are an important visual strategy for people seeking high-quality backlinks

You will especially like creating these because of their simplicity. With these, you just don’t want to lay out the all the info on the surface, you want to encourage the user to hop on the bandwagon to find out everything about your campaign. 

This way, you increase penetration and click through as much as possible. 

2. Presentations- Most Effective for Campaign Pitching

Presentations are the most effective visual strategy of pitching your campaign to a target audience.

They let you summarize the key points of your campaign and that is something people really like. 

In presentations, it is important to understand the use of well-designed slide themes, images and the outline of the content. 

3. Statistical Images – Add a Seriousness Touch to your Content

Statistical images such as graphs and charts make your content marketing campaign stand out from the rest.

They also add that unique seriousness touch to your content making and thus people will trust the information more.

If you are looking to show the connection between two variables or a kind of comparison, a short graph or pie chart is the best way to do it. 

4. The Strategic use of Images

A blog post that includes an image will rank higher in Google results than one which doesn’t have an image or we can say that blogs with relevant images influence more audience.

The images you use for your campaign should be relevant, unique, and have the ability to spark interest or engagement

Some types of images such as memes & quotes, for instance, may only be relevant for social media but not on websites which seem more formal.  

Also important to mention, it is good to ensure that you include the right set of keywords when using your image.

Most website providers will allow you to use the keywords as the alt text or caption.

Alternatively, you can use visual content design tools to craft images with the most relevant keywords written directly on them.  

5. Videos- the King of Visual Strategy

Videos are unique because they are highly versatile and flexible meaning that they can be used in almost any setting. 

A video can be anything from a review to a product-description, to a how-to-do-video, an interview and so much more. 

Videos can be published alongside content on your website, be published on a vlog or be posted on social media and other video-oriented platforms such as YouTube.

Whatever you decide to do, YouTube videos will send your SEO Ranking flying over the roof. 

Why would a video boost your SEO Ranking and yet it is non-customizable with keywords?

Well, videos are the most effective way of creating a fan base by reducing the bounce rate while still helping you reach a new audience through advertisements, social media and such.

Just think about it, when you search something on Google, you are more likely to click on a video result than any other available information source.

 And that’s it, 5 of the most effective visual content techniques to boost your SEO rankings.

All that’s left is for you to get to work with the best visual tools and then sit back and watch as your SEO rankings fly to new heights.  

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