Get Backlinks using Disqus Comments

Many Authority blogs use Disqus as their preferred blog commenting system on a blog post. What many don’t is how to get backlinks using Disqus comments.

If we manage to get backlinks using Disqus Comments, we might end up Ranking high in Google because mostly Disqus Blog Commenting System is used by Good Authority Blogs and Websites with PR higher than 7-8 or 9. So let’s get started.

Get Backlinks Using Disqus

How To Get Backlinks Using Disqus

Go to and register an account in it. You can also use Social Logins like Facebook, Twitter and Google. Then you need to Configure your Profile to generate Backlinks

Click on ” Gear ” icon on top right corner and select ” Edit Profile ” . On the edit profile page make sure to fill relevant data and your Blog URL  to which you’re planning to build Backlinks.

Get Backlinks Using Disqus Profile

Next step is find Blogs that are using Disqus Commenting System. Many SEO and Tech Bloggers mostly stumbles upon blogs with good authority which are using Disqus . So commenting and getting backlink is somewhat easier for them. There’s an alternative to search Blogs with Disqus Commenting System

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Try searching like ” Niche ” + ” Powered by Disqus ” or ” keyword ” + ” Powered by Disqus “ in Google. You might end up with some good authoritative blogs search results to comment and gain backlinks. But there’s no guarantee for this search query, Most of the results are non relevant.

Pros N Cons : Get Backlinks Using Disqus

Pros :

  • Easy to comment. No need to fill same old required fields like “Full Name, Email, URL”. Logging on to Disqus might do the trick.
  • Very Good comment Interaction, you can track your Commented comments form Disqus Website. People can follow you on Disqus basing on your Comments.
  • Most baclinks gained might be of High PR having good Trust Flow and Citation Value

Cons :

  • Spam Detection rate is very high for comments that are non relevant and comments that are done especially for getting a backlink is our motive. I’ll list my case study below, from there you can understand how disqus Spam Detection is very Good.
  • There’s 50/50 chances to get our backlink indexed. I’ll explain this clearly in my Case Study below.
  • You might end up generating Spammy backlinks that will damage your SEO.

Case Study : Disqus Backlink Generation

Get Backlink Using Disqus - Case Study

As I’m a Tech Blogger I stumbled Upon very High Authoritative Blog: and I managed to lay a comment to one article written on it and gained a backlink from OnePlus site.

My comment :

Disqus Comment Backlink

Trick to Find Backlink opportunity in Disqus :

While commenting an Disqus Enabled Blogs only to get Backlinks ( which is obviously not Recommended ) you should follow this trick.

After landing in your Disqus Enabled blog check whether the site offers Comment Hyperlink to user’s Website or not by going to it’s source code. Right click on Blog and select View Source Code

Now search for ” Comment “ in the source code and check some of the previously made comments. You should see something like this.

Trick to Find Backlink opportunity in Disqus

The comment what I made is linked with my Blog’s URL, ultimately gaining a Backlink from a High Authoritative Page.

Proof of Disqus Backlinks :

Proof of Disqus Backlinks

here’s a snap from my Ahref’s metrics panel showing that my backlink is indexed Successfully 🙂

Bonus Tip to rank Ultimately using Disqus Backlinks

Make sure you comment on Backlink worthy Blogs only. Commenting frequently also leads to spam and as mentioned earlier Disqus Commenting System has a very Good Spam Detection.

Disqus Backlinks Spam

As you can See Disqus flagged one of my Comment as Spam, So be cautious.

The main Bonus Tip is make sure your Account Name and your Keyword is Same with Page Link in Website Field on Disqus Profile. 

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Conclusion : Is it worth ?

I’ve listed all my work with Bonus tips including Pros and Cons of Disqus Backlink Generation. It’s up to your will whether to give it a try or not. From my perspective it’s worth giving it a shot.

Many top bloggers follow this trick and I’ve also read many articles on How peopled ended up ranking from disqus Comment baklinks. Just don’t spam and find relevant blogs to Comment. If you follow all these guidelines you’re good to go.

Do let me know if you are having any doubts in comments section below.

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138 thoughts on “Get Backlinks using Disqus Comments”

  1. Good to see that We can also build links from Disqus enabled blogs. But I had a question, Do Google really index comment links from Disqus enabled blogs?
    Ahrefs Indexes these links But what about Google?

      • “no follow” links are considered as nonjuicy (not useful for indexing). Almost all seo ranking services consider them only as count of connections. While do follow are promoted.

        I dont know how google exactly treat them. But, some of no follow links are listed in google search console. I dont know why.

  2. Hi Anirudh,

    Firstly thanks for your visit to my blog today. Please note my reply as I have asked you something very important and have a surprise for you if you reply.

    Your post here about Discus is interesting and yes the links are rel=nofollow as was mentioned by another commentator whom I doubt is the same Matt Cutts of Google fame.

    However, whether you use Discus or CommentLuv or any other blog commenting system, the key issue is to provide the most valuable relevant comment you can to someone’s post. In doing so you are building your reputation and credibility. Blog commenting purely for traffic purposes is not the way to go.

    I use CommentLuv rather than Discus simply because it makes it easy for people to discover my latest post.

    Thanks for the review Anirudh and hang in there my friend. You may be a newbie but you’re making a great start with your bloging journey.

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


  3. This is such a comprehensive post on how to comment on blogs for newbies. I am going to share this with my Merry band of picture book authors. This is not, by a long shot, my first time commenting on a blog, but it is my first time commenting on yours. ???? Thank you for such great information!!

  4. Hey guys, anyone seen any boost in rankings from these disqus backlinks?

    PS. Oh, and thanks for the article by the way, not much info to be found on the web about this stuff lately.

  5. Hello Anirudh,
    Such a great disqus comment list. Indeed keep it up it will help for beginners. Thank you very much for sharing with us.

  6. Hey Anirudh

    Thanks for taking the time to write this post.

    Unfortunately, I do disagree with the methodology. There are a couple of issues at hand here. Firstly, the fact that the linkk is nofollow on a comment reduces the value of the backlink significantly. Yes it may be a backlink from a authoratitive website, but the link is already devalued by being a comment link and not a link in the main body of the site. On top of that, it is a rel=nofollow link making the link hold as much weight as that of a directory imho.

    This is couple with the fact that you are commenting solely for the backlink. I know you mentioned about being careful of spamming, but if you intention for commenting is to get a backlink, then you are not going to be adding to the discussion in a positive way – which means you will build a perception of yourself as a spammer.

    Honestly, in my opinion, you should dedicate your time trying to build one powerful backlink rather than many comment links.

    Keep up to great work on your blog!

      • No improvement needed, without people theorising and testing we wouldn’t be able to push the industry forward. It’s a great spot, and maybe it is worth running a test on a site that you are happy to risk possible repercussions on.

    • I came to this article wondering about the possible value of Disqus comments and while the article gives a methodology I could try, your comment is very succinct. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there, saying that your time might be better spent trying to build one powerful backlink rather than many comment links. Thanks for the eye opener 🙂

  7. Hello Anirudh,
    You explain very nice about how to get backlinks using disqus forum. I don”t know how to take backlink but after read your article i understood all of think. Thanks for explanation.

  8. Since disqus comments are now being indexed… I would think they do hold value in the comment links. I personally think no-follow links do help sites rank organically. I know they don’t pass page rank (green bar juice), but they do count as links.

  9. Still i never understand how to get backlink from disqus. because when i comment on any blog my disqus profile url link with my name. i just want to know how to link my website with my disqus username

  10. Thanks for this, I’ve been following web design / developer blogs for years and now they are all using Disqus I felt I wouldn’t get any backlinks which was a bummer. I write genuine comments and interact the best I can, so I was concerned about it all. Cheers!

  11. Thanks for sharing this fantastic trick. I hope this will surely help my blog to get some rankings as well as authority. You rock dude…

  12. Thank you for your nice post about Disqus comments. I was quite desperate that many blogs do use Disqus. Me personally would not do so.
    I still could not understand what to do, if Disqus sees my comment(s) as spam? What actions do I need to take?

  13. Hi Anirudh,
    You have provided a great information in the best way possible.
    The screenshots were very helpful and you were direct to the point.
    I would like to thank you for the information and concept clarification you have given.
    Thanks & Regards,

      • I will for sure.
        I will look forward for a post from your side regarding nofollow issue with disqus comments (as someone in the comment section mentioned it in context to the article). I would again say thank you because this article has literally everything the title says.
        Thanking you,

  14. Your ranking nicely. Just searched for this topic and you were on the top spots.
    I like your case study and the 50/50 chance seems realistic.
    It’s not a ton of work to find spots and write comments that actually make sense. Just beware that the niche – in our case SEO and link building – fits your website.

  15. Thanks for this tutorial ANIRUDH,
    I have discus account and configuring properly.
    I just want to know, If i comment on discuss enabled blog without dropping any link, Does it get me any back link from my discuss profile ?

    Thank you !

    • Hi, Rakhi
      Thanks for asking this question, And Thanks to anirudh for reply. Actually I also don’t had that knowledge. My Discuss profile also configured properly as you describe through the article. Thanks for this informative post. i really learn new thing from you.

  16. Very informative guide, thank you. Disqus is quite different to plain old blog commenting, so i think you have to be careful, as you say comments are moderated by the company overall, not just the individual blog you comment on. So from what i gather from your profile, the ability to gain a link depends on how the webmaster has set up their comments? So, it’s only worth the effort if you check the source code before commenting, otherwise you’re not going to get any credit?

  17. Question. How often are you guys commenting on relevant blogs and what not? What would be considered too much? I know that sometimes if you leave over a certain threshold it’ll get marked as spam. Thanks for the article though, i’ve been looking for a way to get some type of back with disqus.

  18. This is great information for me, i dont know if it works, let me try, ahrefs index most of the backlinks that even not indexed by google. So i dont know if it really works. If it works it is a very good deal for seo.

  19. Wow, just read the your blog post!
    I was searching how to get quality back-links from guest posting and stumbled upon this blog!
    I will use Disqus from now on, although it is necessary to mention that people shouldn’t use this method sorely for the purpose of getting back-links but should engage and interact to share information and knowledge.

  20. Such a nice post, can you make it easy for me?
    the href link in your screen shot is
    anirudh pulikonda
    I just want to know that what is “dsq-author-user-13775”?
    kindly elaborate it
    if there is any kind of details about posting the link, please share it with us

  21. Thanks for sharing the method Anirudh. I always skipped sites using Disqus since I didn’t believe it was possible to get a backlink. Will be using your tactic from now on to test and see how well it works for me. Thank you 🙂

  22. So I’m new to trying to create backlinks. Am I earning a backlink now by making this comment? If so how, was it as simple as entering my website into the box, or is there another step? I do realize I should be commenting on stuff pertaining to my industry. Thanks

  23. Thanks! Small case but really helpful one. I was wondering about does it count from a website or from disqus platform. Also, i`ve had problems passing security. Seems like straight spammylinks dont work ha ha.

  24. Good to Know that Disqus does add some value, I was trying to build on Disqus comments lately and was worried when I saw lot of people saying it as worthless.

  25. Dear Anirudh, you mean commenting through disquis comments will be a backlink because a site is linked with that disquis profile. Is it So??

  26. Dear Anirudh,
    I was very confuse for comment links from Disqus enabled blogs. But now by reading this article, all doubts are clear. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Hi Anirudh,

    Is this method still working?

    I disovered your comments on OnePlus which you mentioned in this blogpost but it seems like disqus is not linking anymore to author websites but instead opens the Disqus profile.

    So the only link to watchmetech I could discover was in your disqus profile and the HTML is only loaded when clicking your name. So probably this won’t be indexed by google anymore, right?

    Thanks & best regards,

    • Hi Pat,

      This method is still working but only for few sites. I think I forgot to mention about this on the blog spot is that backlinks can be obtained from few sites that are disqus enabled. Most of them links to disqus profile as you said.

      I also confirmed with Ahrefs and there are links from OnePlus to my blog which is an updated report from recent 24 hours. So yeah, this method is still working. But the main challenge here would be finding the right sites that offer backlink directly to author’s blog.

      Hope this info helped.

      Thanks & Regards
      Anirudh Pulikonda

    • I don’t use disqus is because there are some posts in my blog that are pure tutorial with good informative text as well with video. So there won’t be much of commenting. For this I don’t need a dedicated commenting system that can further slow my site’s speed.

  28. It’s a very interesting system. I’ve heard of it before but have not tried it. I’ll see what happens though. Definitely worth a shot! Thanks for the tip!

  29. thanks for sharing the worthfull info. i use to comment one liner to get backlink. but now onwards ill be very careful while commenting on disqus blogs..

    thanks for sharing dear 🙂

  30. Nice post and very informative. I’ve been doubted for a while on Disqus commenting whether it is worth linkbuilding and from you here I gain more knowledge and trick on it too. Thanks a lot.

  31. I didn’t know how to get back links from disqus. Thanks for guiding me. And I have a doubt. If I comment like this in some websites only some comments are visible. Other comments are not visible. Those invisible comments are count as back links ? Please answer me.

  32. Thanks for clarifying this subject. I’m in the middle of doing backlink outreach and was wondering about Disqus commenting and how useful it would be .

    I’m going to try and see my luck.

  33. I thought Disqus encrypts the external links with their redirector but check the source today and it does give a direct backlink. Thanks for the post.

  34. Good article. I found it after a Google search for the value of Disqus comments. Important I think when commenting is to either ask a relevant question on the topic or to add something of value to the blog post.
    I still see a lot of generic comments from obvious spammers appearing.
    Although a backlink is great from the right blogs, another benefit of quality comments is to build a relationship with the author or with other commenters. This can sometimes be of even greater benefit.

  35. All this time i’ve been only searching for blogs that are commentluv enabled because that’s where I can get backlinks for my website. When I stumble upon websites with Disqus, I immediately turn away after reading the blog post. Its really good to know that you can build links from it. As you said, it is worth the shot as a lot of the Disqus enabled websites that I see have High PR and domain authority. Thanks a lot for this!

  36. Hi, Anirudh,
    Really great article, I was also felt with blog commenting no more works for getting backlinks when i saw most of the sites having disqus plugins. And your post give me positive energy to get backlinks via blog commenting.

  37. Hi Anirudh,
    Good Article
    I only went on a “Disqus comments BINGE” about a week ago as i only discovered Disqus about a week ago.I thought i had found a great way of getting high pagerank backlinks for free!….With Facebook comments now been INDEXED by Google there is a high chance that Disqus comments will soon be INDEXED by Google i would of thought.

    My website is about the online bookmakers free bets and on my matched betting forum>>> Matched betting forum i have all the online bookmakers free bet offers and so i have been looking for backlinks with a similar theme to the online bookmaker`s free bet offers and the only backlink have i seen registered with a backlink to my website is from the WORDPRESS BLOG……as he wanted £2000/year for a backlink i am pretty chuffed at getting a backlink for free lol

    I will let you know if any of the other backlinks start appearing……most of them are .EDU backlinks lol

    Thanks for sharing

  38. Hello Anirudh Pulikonda,
    i’ve been created lot of backlinks in disqus comment, but google not index these backlinks. what should i do,
    please tell me.

  39. This has been a really useful read. I’m just not clear what you mean by: make sure your Account Name and your Keyword is Same with Page Link in Website Field on Disqus Profile ?
    Would you please elaborate?
    Thanks lots

  40. Hi Anirudh,

    Thanks for the helpful trick. However it still Disqus find the comment as spam even without a link in the description. Any idea to resolve it?

  41. is there any value in nofollow links? I don’t think it is, at least in terms of ranking in SERPS, so this whole thing with the greatest respect is a bit of a waste of time, perhaps would be useful to diversify links source, but there surely are quicker ways of doing that.

    • You’re wrong. Nofollow links do have value. Earlier they’re of zero worth but it completely changed when SEO’s started spamming only dofollow links for rankings. No Follow links do have their value.

  42. Excellent write up Anirudh, I’ve had a Disqus account for a few years now and not kept it updated with my current URL.
    Would you happen to know if it will update and of the ‘old’ links I have commented in the past if I update it or do you think it’ll just start from fresh?
    Many thanks!

  43. Hey, thanks for this! I’m completely new to blog commenting, a few weeks a go i started with the search string – “commentluv” method.

    I actually want to build trust etc so i guess i should get a Disqus account, add value to the conversation and hope some of the backlinks stick.

    Any other advice?

  44. Wow! I did not find anything like its contents. Thank you very much. I thought I had to put the link from my site in the comment and so my comments were all being deleted. Well now I’ll do it correctly. Thanks for your tutorial

  45. Hey Anirudh,

    Your article helped me a lot. I am doing digital marketing of my own website and this article help me in link building.

    I will try your given example in disqus.


  46. I read your full article and me creat 1st backlink your site. But I hope than I give a link from your site.
    Then your article just great for beginners.
    Thank you.

  47. Excellent article & I appreciate to an author for sharing with us .Keep writing such kind of information on your blog.Finally, I’ve found something that helped me & also motivated doing our working with more possibility’s .Thanks Man.

  48. You share good tips into the article. That is a good search term to get the Disqus blog. Niche ” + ” Powered by Disqus ” or ” keyword ” + ” Powered by Disqus “

    when I Right click on Blog and select View Source Code and see nofollow hyperlink is there. My question is If I do the same thing I will get a flag or not.

  49. Thanks for the article. I am struggling to get my site going up in Google and I think that I need more backlinks. I saw disqus comments as opportunity to get some, and after reading this I am more confident about it.


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