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What is Facebook Impressum for Page

A Facebook Impressum or Impressum Facebook is an extra meta information provided in most of Social Networks or some Business Networks online

Some countries have this type of restrictions such that they should provide an Impressum for their online business or online activities to continue

Why you need to know about Impressum Facebook

Before we go through the steps how we should give Impressum Facebook, I’m going to cover some of the important concepts about Impressum Facebook

Many people who are familiar and use Popular Social Networks might wonder why there’s a column like Impressum on my Facebook Page

I used to follow many Q&A platforms like Yahoo Answers & Quora and guess what I stumble these Queries: ” Impressum Facebook ” or ” Facebook Impressum “

So I’ve decided why not explain them in a blog post where I can share apparently the info what they needed about Impressum

What is Impressum?

Impressum is a Latin word adopted from German, to which the meaning is ‘ Imprint,’ ‘ Credits.’

and sometimes is also means ‘ Legal Disclosure,’ ‘ Statement of Ownership,’ ‘ Legal Notice .’

It’s a new or fashionable way of ‘ About Us ‘ or  ‘ Terms of Conditions (TOS) ‘ as of previously mentioned above it’s metadata to something described

What a Meta Data does gives a precise info on the particular thing or service, So if it reflects to ‘ About us ‘ Then

Impressum should be an extra depth info of ourselves or about the service

In some conditions, it indicates Terms and Conditions or any Disclosure info, in that situation you’ve provided the info relating to that

As this Impressum is particularly required only for some countries, So you need to provide Impressum for those particular countries only

It may be of type ‘ About us,’ ‘ Credits ‘ or ‘ Terms of Conditions (TOS) ‘ policy. Let’s check how to add Impressum on Facebook

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How to Write Impressum Facebook for Page


Facebook Impressum

You can Find the Impressum section in Facebook Page ” About ” Section as shown in the above picture.

    1. Enter the Impressum which describes your Page/Blog/Product or any Organization according to local law in your country.

  1. After you login or open your Facebook page, you can select the About section from the left pane.
  2. Then type according to it in the Impressum column
  3. Click ” Save changes, “ and you’re done.

Types of writing Facebook Impressum for Page

    • Company Name / Name of your Organization or business.
    • Complete Address of your Organization.
    • Contact info like Mobile Number, Fax, E-Mail and other Social Profiles.
    • License info or any Registration stuff.
    • Name of the Manager or Owner of the page that relates to Organization.
    • Official links to your Website’s.

Note: The Limit for ‘ Impressum ‘ Section is only 2000 characters so make sure you fill the required info regarding your Organization.

Check some of the Real Impressum Examples in Facebook

Samsung Deutschland page on Facebook has a Facebook Impressum; it is necessary for that particular country

Examples of Facebook Impressum

Some URL’s for Impressum Facebook

If you still don’t get what Impressum Facebook is then you can check those above links. In the above links you will find the Material what exactly Impressum should include.

Using the above example you can configure Your Facebook Impressum or the Impressum Section where ever you need.

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Many companies and organizations page from Deutschland possess this Impressum Section on Facebook. Hope this info helped you if it is then Share this article with your friends because Sharing is SEXY!

If you’ve any further queries feel free to lay a comment below.

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