How much does Instagram business cost?

Most businesses in the world now rely on the internet as their primary source of marketing. And when it comes to social media platforms, Instagram is one of the first names that come to mind. Read on for an overview of Instagram advertising; what it is, how it works, and how much it costs!

Instagram business cost

What is an Instagram business account?

An Instagram business account, as the name suggests, is your account on the platform to run a business. Unlike a personal profile on Instagram, a business account allows you to run advertisements to promote your products or services. There are now more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram, and given the sheer popularity of the platform, it should come as no surprise.

Instagram is an indispensable online space that allows you to grow your business and gain new customers daily. For that to happen effectively, however, you need to grow your Instagram account regularly!

How do you grow an Instagram business account?

Having a healthy follower-count on Instagram is pivotal to the long-term success of your business. Also, it is crucial to ensure that all of your followers are people who are interested in your content and brand. If that is not the case, it destroys the entire purpose of having a business account in the first place. For this reason, organic growth is the most viable strategy for developing an avid audience on Instagram. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Post regularly: Instagram users tend to follow accounts that post regular content. Be sure to keep your business profile active! It might also help to schedule posts from time to time.
  • Use hashtags: The use of branded and popular hashtags could significantly increase the chances of your content appearing on the explore page.
  • Create and post engaging content: Posting regularly is essential, but it is also crucial for your content to be interesting to your target audience. Posts that are tailored to attract a specific audience are bound to generate a higher engagement rate.
  • Use a growth service: Using an Instagram growth tool can produce astounding results, but remember that many Instagram promotion services employ Instagram bots, which are useless and can also land your account in trouble. The good news is that there are legitimate Instagram growth services out there that you can use to grow your business account. These services will provide you with a dedicated account manager that can adequately grow your page by bringing in real Instagram followers. 

How much does an Instagram business account cost?

Making a business account on Instagram is free of cost, and so is posting content on it. But the powerful and special features like Instagram ads and sponsored content come at a cost. The overall cost to advertise on Instagram is calculated in terms of cost-per-click (CPC). The average CPC ranges between $0.5 to $1 but can go as high as $3 for more competitive businesses, such as clothing.

When it comes to growing your account with external help, it will cost you money. But the best Instagram growth service will prove to be worth your every penny.


Whether it is customer service or sales, Instagram can help improve every aspect of your business. You will most definitely see positive results if you tap into the platform’s powerful tools like advertising and sponsored posts.

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