How I Create My YouTube Thumbnails for better CTR!!!

Hey guys, I’m back with another tutorial explaining a small but efficient trick to boost your YouTube Video Views. Better Video Views = Better Growth in terms of YouTube SEO and Subscribers.

So what’s the trick? It simple – YouTube Thumbnail is what you need to concentrate on. Many of you ignore this part when uploading videos onto YouTube

But this is one of the best and important things to improve better CTR. As we all know that If people are likely to only one search results on Google Search Page

then eventually that link will be pushed to the top of the results because people are loving to check that article. This applies in YouTube too, only 35% people read the title of the Video

Remaining only prefer the Thumbnail. If you just attract the viewer via thumbnail then consider your video is doing great. So, In this article, I’ll be explaining how I Create YouTube Thumbnails for better CTR. So let’s get started.

YouTube Thumbnails

Create YouTube Thumbnails Fast and Easy

Obvious & well-known way to do this is via a photo editing software like Photoshop. But I would like to create them using online tools and I’ve been using Fotor from past 2 years.

Apart from Fotor there’s an awesome online tool called FotoJet which I’m actually liking more these days. I’ve chosen it’s premium membership and started using it from the past 30 days.

And my overall experience is good with FotoJet. So let me explain how to get started with FotoJet and design some cool YouTube Thumbnails to improve your CTR

  • First of all, Visit and then click on Design.
  • Then you’ll be presented with all of the FotoJet modules offered by the service. From there choose ” YouTube Thumbnail “.
Create YouTube Thumbnails
  • Then you’ll be presented with the FotoJet Desing Editor. From you can create the Thumbnail in your desired way.
FotoJet Editor
  • You can Import your own photos, Use inbuilt templates, Add Clipart and much more in the editor.

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YouTube Thumbnails enables a way to express what’s your video is all about. Apart from following the basic YouTube SEO, I create YouTube thumbnails which reflect my title and adds much more quality such that the User clicks on our video.

Some best features of FotoJet are that it lets you add Stock Photos and Photos from Facebook directly on to the editor which makes my work lot easier.

Stock Photos really helps in cutting down the hassle of finding right image background. One thing I really liked about FotoJet is they have got a huge library of ready-made templates than Fotor.

Clipart helps in getting the png’s from online which are very helpful for tutorial videos. As I know FotoJet might be checking my review for sure as they generously offered me a Premium Membership.

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Wrapping Up

So I want to point out some of the cons in which the service needs to improve. And, Those will be: 1. Add a Preview option like Fotor – I really liked that option. I still use Fotor for the purpose of checking my Thumbnail’s Preview.

I design my Thumbnail in FotoJet and then I upload it to Fotor just to check the preview. It would be wonderful if they add this feature at some point in the future.

Also, FotoJet lacks some important modules like Blog Post titles/ Featured Images. Hopefully, They’ll take care of these in the coming days.

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