Find YouTube Rankings of a Channel

For every YouTuber competitor analysis is necessary in order to grow their channel quickly. Today we’re going to learn how to find YouTube Rankings of  your channel or your competitors.

Unlike finding statistics of blogs and websites, analyzing YouTube channel became easier with much accurate metrics and results.

Find YouTube Rankings of a Channel

In this article you’ll learn how to find exact subscriber count of a channel, Revenue of channel and  Rankings of a YouTube channel.

YouTube Rankings

1. SocialBlade

SocialBlade is one of the major website available out there to find and track metrics of YouTube Channels. SocialBlade is very popular because it offers a sophisticated user experience with complete details of a Channel

Here you can find the  following :

creation date, number of uploads done, Channel Type, Channel Country, and Video Views of a channel with Subscriber count

YouTube Rankings - Social Blade

SocialBlade assigns these badges to users which helps to track the Authority of a Channel. In the above pic, you can observe that there are some symbols after the Channel name ” Marques Brownlee “.

Those badges are assigned automatically by SocialBlade after the assessment of the mile stones a Channel when it reaches.

Many people eagerly want to check whether a channel is on YouTube Network or MCN are not?

This Problem is solved by SocialBlade. It displays the channel status whether it’s claimed by any Network or it’s still in Google Adsense Network.

This MCN or YouTube Network helps channel to tackle some of the problems like Copyright Infringement and other Production problems. If you’re planning to run a Viral or Media channel with lots of Copyrighted data to publish in the videos

Then analyzing the competitor for the network he’s using to tackle these problems will be helpful for us to determine. You can also apply for partnership for a network directly from Social Blade

Finding Estimated Earnings

Using SocialBlade we can also find the Estimated Earnings of a Channel, in my YouTuber experience this was proven almost accurate for my channels

Social Blade also provides detailed per day analysis and statistics. This includes Gained subscribers per day and increase and decrease in Revenue per day with daily Video Views Count.

YouTube Rankings - Estimated earnings

let’s assume that you’re a competitor to this above-mentioned channel ” Marques Brownlee ” who uploads videos on Mobile reviews. You can estimate his daily averages and to make the right move to upload yours in order to gain more growth for your Channel.

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2. Vidstatsx

Vidstatsx is almost similar to Social Blade and somewhat old looking website that offers all the YouTube Rankings we need to find like Subscriber count, Channel Creation date and Total views of the channel.

YouTube Rankings - vidstatsx

The only best feature available in vidstatsx than Social Blade is that it can compare two YouTube channels. Which can be a handy tool while analyzing competition

Remaining all the features are present in Social Blade and it is somewhat better than this vidstatsx as of my experience.

Finding YouTube Rankings Helps In?

Many YouTubers makes this common mistake especially Tech YouTubers like me that they upload whatever tech video they make which is not right

This is a crucial part for YouTubers to analyze before they grow their channel. These YouTube rankings, gives us an estimate of whether we’re committing a mistake or not.

The mistake we commit when we upload whatever video we think is of our Niche. For example tech YouTubers uploads videos on Mobile reviews, PC build guides, Software reviews, Unboxings, gaming etc.,

Which is not the right way to do. For instance, just check this YouTube Rankings according to Wikipedia.

YouTube Rankings - Wikipedia


These YouTubers are sorted according to their rankings and their Niche is listed at the end of the column. This Niche helps YouTube to allow which ads to show on their videos.

if you upload Tech Tutorials, HOW-TO’s and other Tutorial content or if you upload Mobile reviews, PC reviews and other reviews of products you’ll fall under Tech Niche

In any case ,if you upload Gaming Videos with other Tech videos than it’ll difficult to YouTube to analyze your channels Niche and serve ads according to it.

This will decrease your YouTube RPM and results in low earnings. There are some tips & tricks to Increase YouTube RPM to Boost Adsense Earnings but sticking to one category is good too.


There are 2 cases whether to apply what you’ve learned in the blog post. Whether to upload and publish mixed videos in YouTube channel or not?

If you’re planning only for earn money from YouTube by having large quantity videos and boost further views to earn more. Then forget about analyzing and Niche stuff

But if you’re planning long term earnings in YouTube and Subscriber Trust and Growth then Stick to this tutorial and follow as is.

Do let me know if you are having any doubts in the comments section below.

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5 thoughts on “Find YouTube Rankings of a Channel”

  1. Great article. Socialblade is still relevant. And it’s incredible – the amount of information you can get from it.
    When I show this to my clients, there eyes open wide, especially when we check their competition – that’s the fun part.

    You can also check out Viewlio from Joe Troyer. It’s a neat little software to check if you should compete with certain keywords.

    Nice explanation btw about the different youtube income models. Affiliates or niche videos don’t need advertising on them. It just scares the audience. If you like Minecraft however, dig away and add your videos. That’s your only income…


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