Increase YouTube RPM

Increase YouTube RPM to Boost Adsense Earnings

Many YouTubers like me are trying to figure out how to Increase YouTube RPM. In this blog post I’ll explain some neat tricks to increase YouTube RPM and boost your Adsense Earnings.

Before posting this blog post, I want you to know my YouTube Earnings Journey. I’m making videos from 2-3 years and I’ve faced many up’s and down’s in YouTube Adsense Earnings.

I’ve experimented some of the tricks which I’ve observed in my 2-3 years YouTuber Journey and I would like you to know these Tricks. So let’s get started

What is YouTube RPM

Don’t confuse with RPM – Revolutions per Minute YouTube RPM is somewhat different. I’ts the rate which is used to calculate your Estimated Earnings for 1000 Impressions. RPM – Revenue per 1000 Impressions.

RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of Video views) * 1000 . Estimated Earnings = ( Number of Video Views / 1000 ) * RPM rate

Estimated Earnings for Website Monetization is calculated and listed for everyday by Google itself. But it’s different for YouTube Monetization. The revenue generated for YouTube Videos are calculated and listed in Estimated Earnings for once in a Month which is generally around 10th-15th.

To calculate Everyday Estimated earnings generated by YouTube Monetization we need to divide our Video Impressions with 1000 and Multiple the value with our RPM Rate. The resultant is our Estimated Earnings for the day.


Increase YouTube RPM Calculation

For example in the above screenshot the estimated earnings are $2.80,[ ( 6090/1000 )*0.46 ] . You can also calculate this using online tool :

Increase YouTube RPM web Calculation takes the input of impressions and RPM rate and calculates the Estimated Daily Earnings automatically.

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How to Increase YouTube RPM

There are several factors to increase or vary YouTube RPM. Some of the factors depends on what kind of videos we’re uploading, Category of Videos, Video Length, publishing time and Social Shares etc., Now let’s get into it one by one.

Utilize YouTube Ad Breaks

YouTube recently launched a new Feature – a delight to YouTubers know as YouTube Ad Breaks . For videos of length greater than 10 minutes YouTube is allowing Publishers to add multiple Ad Breaks such that on particular Ad Break the ad displayed whether it may be Display Ads, Overlay Ads or even Skippable Ads are refreshed and served


Increase YouTube RPM - Ad Breaks


While publishing a Video go to Monetization Tab and there you’ll find a section for apply Ad Breaks. I would recommend selecting ” Suggest Ad Breaks “ Option because giving ad breaks for every minute or half won’t do you any good, The Ad won’t be refreshed.

Video Quality

Video Quality is major one to get good advertisers for Quality RPM. YouTube has control over assigning ads on YouTube videos, If we get good Advertisers to display their ads on our Videos it’ll eventually Improve RPM for sure


Increase YouTube RPM - video quality


I upload in 4K quality and Quality Videos rank higher in YouTube. Mostly videos of quality 360p , 240p, and even 144p doesn’t displays skippable ads, I’ll explain this later.

Social Shares

Getting more Social Shares gives a viral sign to YouTube that a particular video is of people’s liking and YouTube tend to display more ads which in turn increase YouTube RPM

Mainly try to get Video Likes, and Comments. These two are the major Social Activities that are used to Increase YouTube RPM. In past days YouTube Favorite is also a ranking factor but not now.

Make sure to get huge Traffic from platforms like Reddit. Reddit helps to get good Traffic from High RPM countries like US and UK. Use of Custom Thumbnail helps in attracting visitors to watch YouTube Videos.

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Subscriber Base

Obviously Subscribe base is a Major factor to increase YouTube RPM. If you have a larger Subscriber Base Major Advertiser are allocated to advertise on your YouTube Videos. If you combine above available methods and if you’ve subscriber you might end up earning like these people


Increase YouTube RPM Top Channel

Marques Brownlee

Increase YouTube RPM Subcriber base

Mean While check WatchMeTech YouTube Channel :

 YouTube RPM Network MCN and Other Factors to Increase YouTube RPM

According many YouTube Pro’s Publishing Time really matters to Increase RPM for that particular day, I personally experienced Publishing my videos 12PM at night increased my YouTube RPM for around 67% .

Many YouTubers claim that publishing Videos on Tuesdays , Thursdays and Saturday’s are best for gaining more bucks. When it comes to other Factors Google search is flooded with one term ” YouTube Network ” or ” MCN ” or ” Multi Channel Network “.

When it comes to MCN. MCN’s are companies which are created in perspective of YouTube Publishers. What an MCN does is it sign’s an agreement with the Publisher for certain period an serves ads on YouTube Videos with High CPM which possibly results in High RPM and high Bucks

But being in MCN is not encouraged by Many YouTubers because of many restrictions and all. I’ll explain the Whole MCN think in my future posts which covers How to Rank YouTube Videos like PRO and How to get your Channel into MCN.

Do let me know if you are having any doubts in comments section below.

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31 thoughts on “Increase YouTube RPM to Boost Adsense Earnings

  1. After reading and implementing the tactics I’ve seen significant increase in my YouTube earnings. Thanks for the post

  2. Hello Anirudh,
    Just amazing and interesting information you shared here. Also i don”t know how to earning more with youtube and what is youtube RPM but reading above information i understood many things like monetize and many more. Thanx for sharing best information.

  3. Hey Anirudh,
    Just another great post. Indeed here you explain very well on youtube RPM. I don”t know what is youtube RPM but after reading your above information i understood all of things. Please updates more as soon as possible.

  4. Hi,
    please define monetized playback RPM, my videos have 20,000-40,000 views per day but monetize playback so low as 400-500, in beginning its reached 1000-3000 but it low now why it happen and what is the solution,,?
    Please help..

    1. Video views are not equal to Monetized views. At the beginning your videos might have ranked well, now they’ve lost their rankings. There are many reasons for that. You’ve improve in ranking your videos well.

    1. I’m glad you liked the article. Hope my tips helps you reach more heights as an YouTuber. If you’ve any further query reply back or hit me up via Social Media/Contact Form I’ll help you in person.

      Anirudh Pulikonda

  5. Hello bro please help me i have daily 20000- 30000 pageviews but my earning is very low just 3$ hardly i get and my cpc only 0. 01$

  6. Last month i had around 250k views however i earnt around $6 whereas i have friends on you tube who have a very similar subscriber count [3-5k] as well as veiw count but are earning $150-$300 a month,this is very confusing and i was wondering if anyone can explain why.Maybe its just im unlucky 🙁
    My channel:[ URL Removed ]

        1. 6$ per month is very very low. I’ve gone through your YouTube channel and it’s good. Your problem of earning low might depend on several factors. I’ll list them below, Make sure you have set them right.

          1. First of all Gaming and Gameplay Fottage channels have very low RPM rates when compared to other channel coz Gamers are not going to produce any new content rather they’re using Someone else ( Game Producers ) content. So you can’t do anything in this matter.
          2. Make sure you uncheck ” disable Interest Based Ads “. You’ll find this setting in your Dashboard –> Channel –> Advanced.
          3. You’re publishing content that’s longer or around 10 minutes so utilize ad break units which can improve your RPM drastically. You’ll find this setting in Video —> Edit —> Monetization —> Insert Ad Breaks
          4. Check all those Ad units ” Display Ads ” , ” Overlay Ads “, ” Skippable Ads ” in Monetization section.
          5. If your’e in a MCN or Not? reply to this comment.

          1. you can earn more just make sure you complete all those and try ranking your videos. if you don’t get enough organic video views then you get any high cpc and your earnings will stuck at 6$ only.

    1. every one knew that Google is no.1 search engine. Guess what the 2nd most popular search is YouTube so to get more views and high cpc on your YouTube videos you need to rank those videos on YouTube video search. There are very simple strategies to do that, Just google how to rank YouTube videos you’ll many articles to teach that.

      1. Its not the veiws that annoy me its the payout i got from my previous videos for example i got 150k veiws on 1 video and received $0.38 from ads

        1. YouTube doesn’t pay basing on your views. They consider watchtime and Video Quality and Niche. I think you’ve to research more. I’ve gone through your channels statistics and they’re pretty fine. Your’e earning good according to them. Still there might be many reasons for your low earnings try contacting YouTube regarding this issue. Recently they’ve started demonetizing videos which are inappropriate for Ad companies and your videos are not of original content.

  7. Hey,

    I have been extremly underpaid by google adsense the last couple of days. I calculated with your methos that I had to earn for that day around $1500 they only gave me $600. what can I do about this? I get the feeling that im getting underpaid almost everyday…

  8. hello bro, im abhishek im start my channel on 18th of july 2016 i’ve got 50k views but earning is just 7$ what i do bro…

  9. Hi, your tips are really good, i have a channel called androzone avs which is a tech channel and my adsense rpm is changing a lot daily. One day i get 1000 views and 30 clicks and earn 0.5$ and on another day i get 800 views and 25 clicks and i get 0.7$.What should we do to keep the rpm constant
    Thank u very much…..:)

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