ExpressVPN Review – #1 Fastest Secure VPN Service Provider

ExpressVPN is a well know top VPN service provider that is consistently providing awesome service & support to their customers

It is well know for it’s Speed when connected to one of their locations, Security while browsing stuff over the Internet, and lastly for the ease of setting up the VPN on your devices

ExpressVPN platform availability is the best I’ve ever seen. It is available in almost all platforms, Browsers including Safari Extension and for manual configuration on Routers and Raspberry Pi’s.

ExpressVPN Review

We’ve been testing the VPN for like a month now, And these are the platforms we’ve tested on:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android and
  • iOS

So, Let’s get into the review

ExpressVPN Review – Fast, Powerful & Efficient

User Experience

One common issue I face with almost all the VPN providers is sometimes they refuse to connect and which spoils the User Experience

Popular clients like HMA or even new players like Hidester VPN, Sometimes takes longer times to connect and sometimes refuse to connect at all

Unlike those ExpressVPN is the best when coming to maintaining the best user experience, during our test from last couple of weeks we never faced connection drops, Initial connection fails

Even, if the VPN fails to tunnel in the first attempt, Just a reconnect is all it takes to get it connected which happens in seconds

And, to talk about the UI of the client. ExpressVPN looks clean, minimalistic and looks great in terms of UI except on Linux Platforms

Yes, When we started testing the VPN on Ubuntu, The installation went well, All it takes a single Terminal command to install the VPN once you finish downloading the file

sudo dpkg -i [installer filename]

Here comes the not so good part, The User Experience on Ubuntu – To start, To connect to a server, Everything should be done via Terminal and there’s no GUI for the app unlike Hidester VPN

expressvpn activate

Above command helps you activate the VPN and below commands let you connect to one of their server locations, by default VPN will choose Smart Location according to them basing on your location.

expressvpn connect

You can the following command to check the complete list of available server locations and the next commands will help you connect to one of them manually

expressvpn list
expressvpn connect [LOCATION]
expressvpn disconnect

Apart from Linux, all other platforms have GUI based clients and it’s pretty easy to setup. The browser extensions are really helpful for instant security and you need an active client installed on your PC to access them


As usual, we’ve test the VPN picking multiple server location on an 1 Gbps Google Fiber connection

The VPN speeds are very impressive compared to many in the market. Here’s the test results on multiple locations:

ExpressVPN Speedtest

Upload speeds average at around 150 Mb/s, whereas Download Speeds are at 100 Mb/s. Quite good speed while offering annonymity & security to the connection.

User logs

ExpressVPN is one of the best when coming to no user logging while they’re tunneled into a Secure VPN Connection

Source IP and even the VPN IP will be anonymous when connected. They won’t track user’s browsers history, Traffic destination or even the Meta data that is fetched/required for most of the website

Even the DNS query logs are kept unlogged, Most VPNs secretly log DNS queries and use the info to troubleshoot their service like CloudFlare’s

They collect, The amount of data used when VPN’s connected, Activation Info and the server location to which the VPN is connected according to their privacy policy. Which is the minimum info needed for their service to work


As mentioned earlier, ExpressVPN is one of the best stable VPN client I’ve ever used. During our testing, We’ve traveled a lot and tested the usage on several networks through Ethernet and WiFi

Whatever the interface be and whatever the network be, Slow/Fast it doesn’t mattered to ExpressVPN and continuously delivered successful authentication and tunneling

One issue we faced is when VPN is connected on iOS and in any case there happens a switch between interfaces like Mobile data to WiFi or vice versa or when connection drops and mobile data connects back

The VPN connection establishment got into a loop and kept on connecting and disconnecting on the device. Which prevented from accessing and we’d to force the VPN profile deletion and restart to fix it

Hopefully, It’ll get fixed soon as I’ve already reported the issue to the team

Coming to VPN Protocols, ExpressVPN supports a wide range and here’s the list of protocols supported

  1. OpenVPN with UDP
  2. OpenVPN with TCP
  3. SSTP
  4. L2TP/IPsec
  5. PPTP


ExpressVPN is not only popular for being best service but it also has the majority of server locations compared to it’s competitors

They’ve 2,000+ VPN servers in 148 VPN server locations in 94 countries. And you can the complete list from here

Pretty impressive right? Yes. So many server locations and options to choose to be anonymous whenever needed

You can also monitor the status of their servers whether they’re live or busy and not working from the above server locations URL.

The Best in-class VPN – ExpressVPN 

If you’re looking for a Fast, Secure and Anonymous network connection then ExpressVPN is all you need and you can pick the VPN from here

They offer a no strings attached Money-back guarantee if you don’t like the VPN during the first 30 days

ExpressVPN also offers 30 days of free usage if you refer the VPN to your friends/family

and you can how to in the account section once you register for the service

Hope, You guys like the review and if you do don’t forgot to share it with you friends, And if you’ve any query regarding the VPN drop your questions in the comment section below and I’ll try my best to answer them asap.

ExpressVPN Review

Name: ExpressVPN

Price: $12.95

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS

Application Category: Utilities

  • Speed
  • User Interface
  • Server Locations
  • Secure


#1 Top VPN Service Provider. ExpressVPN is Fast, Secure and one of the powerful VPN Service out there

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