Use an External Hard Drive in Order to Expand the Storage of Your PlayStation 4

Storage is one of the most important elements of any device. A low storage can limit your options and it won’t allow you to use your product any way you want.

The same thing goes for consoles. You want to store as many games as possible, but sometimes the original storage is not enough. When it comes to PlayStation 4, gamers received some good news after update 4.5 was released.

The latest software version came with external hard drive support. This means that you will be able to enlarge your storage with a ps4 external hard drive. The procedure is not complicated and it can come in handy.

External Hard Drive Expand PlayStation 4

How to use an external hard drive with your PlayStation 4?

There might some users who are willing to expand their storage but they are not sure how to do it. Worry not. The entire process is very simple and all you have to do is find an external drive that is USB 3.0-enabled. Connect it to your console and enjoy the enhanced capacity.

However, there is another question. Which external hard drive is the best one for you? You are the one that should decide how much storage you want.

You can increase your overall gaming capacity any way you want, anything from 250 GB and up to 8 TB. Obviously, the prices vary. If you have no idea where to look, we have created a list of external hard drives. Take a look and see which one suits your needs.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

This one is the most popular option since it is very fast and it won’t take too much space. However, it has its weaknesses as well. In this case, it is the quandary of USB 3.0.

Most internal hard drives use SATA III which has a top transfer speed of 6 Gbps, while USB 3.0 has only 5 Gbps. This small difference might slow down your SSDD a bit. Some of the most popular SSD product is ESD220C and it comes with 250 GB.

External Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

This device is bigger, but so is its capacity. If you are willing to use a drive that will take more place, this option is the one you need, especially since it will expand your PlayStation 4 storage considerably. For example, the Seagate Expansion Portable offers you 2 TB and it can be purchased for £75.

You should know that the 4.5 PlayStation 4 update won’t allow you to use a drive that has a capacity over 8 TB. In fact, even some 8 TB might not work, since some users have complained about PlayStation 4 reading them as 8.01 TB devices.

Therefore, it is better to stick with something under 8 TB in order to make sure that it will work properly. Hopefully, PS4 will fix this issue in the future and users will be able to use their 8 TB external hard drives.

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