Bluestacks Tweaker Latest Version Download [100% Working] ?

Many people use Bluestacks for manipulating certain that one works only single time on a device. To do so you need a cool software known as Bluestacks Tweaker.

Obviously rooting is a mandatory requirement for every tweak that involves manipulating stock values of a device identity. There are lot’s of ways to root Bluestacks and the way using Kingroot involves Bluestacks Tweaker.

Which is a handy tool that lets you run through the exploitation and restart the Bluestacks without closing the Emulator! In this article, I’ll explain you can download the Latest Version of BS Tweaker or Bluestacks Tweaker for Free and 100% working

Previously, I’ve posted 2 articles on the blog explaining 1) How To root Bluestacks using Kingroot which is done using BS Tweaker and the other one is 2) Bluestacks Pre-Rooted Offline Installer which is a mainstream solution to enjoy Rooted Bluestacks out of the box.

So, coming to the actual tutorial, The main question that pops up on everyone’s mind is that why Bluestack Tweaker is needed?


Features of Bluestacks Tweaker 3.12 Latest Version

Some of the awesome that are built right on the BS tweaker Latest Version are as follows:

  • Change the resolution of your Bluestacks Installation. Yes, it lets you modify the resolution at which your Bluestacks Virtual Machine is running.
  • How to change Bluestacks resolution? It’s simple all you need to is modify the desired resolution in the tweaker. It also ” Change Bluestacks Window Size ” by which you can modify dpi and working size area.
  • You can also change GUID, Android ID, Google Advertisement ID & Model of the Bluestacks which is the handiest feature of the BS Tweaker
  • This modification helps in installing multiple apps without alerting the app that it is actually being installed multiple times on the same Virtual Machine
  • By this, you can use apps that offer Loot Deals, Cashback offers and any other Recharge tricks with restrictions like ” 1-time offer per device “.

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Download Bluestacks Tweaker 3.12 Latest Version

This is the recommended and required software when you’re trying to root your Bluestacks using Kingroot. So, Just download the compressed file from the below download link

and then extract the file to your desired location. From the extracted folder you’ll find BSTweaker.exe file

Bluestacks Tweaker 3.12

As you can all the features explained above are built right onto the tweaker. There are many things you can do with this which depends on the needs.

If you want to play games like Pokemon Go which requires GPS and laptops & PC’s don’t come equipped with one. So this might help your Bluestacks location settings 


At this moment you might know about the tweaker in case if you don’t know about it before. But there’s a download to it too and that is your Bluestacks should be rooted in order for this to work.

As mentioned earlier, We’ve already posted the best and easy way to root the Bluestacks in the blog itself using BS Helper and Kingroot. If you want you can check them.

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23 thoughts on “Bluestacks Tweaker Latest Version Download [100% Working] ?”

    • I think, as of now there’s no alternative to BS Tweaker rather I would suggest you go through this tutorial: Root Bluestacks 2 and then you can perform some of the actions like changing the GUID and model, Mac Address etc., using some Android apps that take advantage of rooting.

  1. Hi Anirudh!

    let me understand properly as i am not sure so far. I have to run Bluestack rooted PLUS BSTweaker at the same time right?

    In case i am a mac user i can even forget to use this combination of Bluestack and Tweaker right?

    Good article anyway 🙂

  2. I tried the Bluestacks Tweaker but was unsuccessful with it. Under the ‘helpers tab’ my result is always “Root:Patch:FAILED”. What do I change to get result “root:patch:true”??

  3. Is it latest? or can you please share latest rooted bluestacks download link as I m using old version.

    I’m trying to download Bluestacks Tweaker 3.12 for my PC.

    Also, one of my users tried the above software and he is getting Russian language while typing why so? is there any way to change it in English? even if he change it to English the problem is unsolved. Please, help me get English pattern while typing??

  4. hi,i have a BSTweaker3.12 and it is not working any more it is not opening the application…how can I update it or do you know a new version something like this one?


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